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Spark Nova Scotia Training Begins

All applicants are welcome to participate in the first four Spark Training Program modules: “Identifying and Managing the Risks in a New Business”; “Introduction to the Business Model Canvas”; “Finance: What Young Companies Need to Know”; and "Storytelling and Presenting." These modules will offer business-building skills and support to help participants accelerate the development of their businesses. The annual Spark Nova Scotia startup competition, which offers winners up to $50,000 of non-dilutive funding, will hold its training seminars online again this year and has moved the registration deadline to August 30. Entrepreneurs will still be able to join the training after the formal deadline and can apply to participate in Spark’s pitch competition until October 4. The first training session will be held August 16 -- before the deadline to register. The training will cover topics such as finance, risk management and pitching skills. Then, after the pitch competition, judges will award $375,000 in grants, divided among the competitors as they see fit. The winners will also receive a $10,000 credit for Amazon Web Services. REGISTER NOW

The Whys and Hows of Machine Learning

Join Mat Larade as he gives an introduction to machine learning and what it can do for you and your organization’s analytical tools. He will begin by defining machine learning and basic terminology, before dispelling a few common myths. He’ll then discuss the internal resources you should ideally have in place from the outset of a project. He’ll also briefly outline some of the costs and processes to build the cornerstone of machine learning - a data pipeline - and talk about some of its specific parts and their respective challenges. Finally, Mat will discuss the cost-benefits associated with starting a machine learning project, and ways to help safeguard its success and sustainability, before ending with a discussion of some of the common pitfalls to avoid from a managerial perspective. This is a beginner session oriented to business owners and project managers curious to learn more about machine learning, or who may have an idea that involves machine learning, but don’t know where to begin. About the Presenter Mat Larade, Research Consultant at ACENET Mat joined ACENET in 2019 as a Research Consultant specializing in applied machine learning. He hails from Cape Breton, but has made his home on Prince […]

Get Clients You Love Online with Melanie Rhora

Are you spending time, effort, and money on your website, newsletters, and social media without earning a return from it? Perhaps you are even feeling like your industry’s best kept secret? Join Melanie Rhora and discover how to laser focus your online strategy to attract your ideal clients AND understand how doing this increases your company’s bottom line while decreasing the number of tasks on your to-do list. In this action-packed session you’ll learn: - The most common marketing mistake being made by small businesses which always results in attracting the wrong kind of clients - The surprising key to effective marketing (and how to harness this for your business) - A simple yet effective way to increase your bottom line by 300%+ while working less and enjoying your business more - The five vital steps to creating a profitable online business. This session can be delivered as a keynote or a hand-on interactive worksheet where attendees will work through the Melanie’s “Ideal Client For Me” guide. Successful entrepreneur, author, pilot, and Queen on Online Business Growth – Melanie Rhora, eats, breathes and sleeps digital marketing to ensure all small businesses can earn a return on every marketing dollar spent. […]

Encore Project Centre Demonstration

Encore isn't just a project platform, Its a 360° Project and Document Management System with the powerhouse of Capstone Project Solutions as your support network. Encore allows you to buy only the number of licenses you need - sign up with as few as one user! Enjoy unlimited IT support. There is no extra charge for services. Take advantage of our coaching and skills tips. We're here to help you grow REGISTER

Basic Computer Skills

The concentration of this program is on word processing and spreadsheet skills. The level of complexity in this program is tailored to the participants and is intended for those who feel they don’t have a strong foundation in computer use in a business environment. By completing the curriculum, program participants will be able to: Navigate the Windows environment Save, open, find & structure files & folders Develop text-based documents using Microsoft Word Plan, build and use spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel REGISTER

Social Media for Business

Those who take this course will leave with a strong understanding as to what to post on Social Media when to post it, how to schedule it to save time, how to design it, and how to read the data to ensure you’re maximizing your efforts. Topics could include: What type of content works with real examples Establishing your brand image (colours/fonts) Graphic design for Social Media using Canva Ad copy – what to write with your posts How to create a content calendar Facebook & Instagram stories REGISTER

Invaluable Sales Lessons to Help You Build Better Relationships With Your Prospects

Relationships are everything in sales, but too many sales reps forget that fact. They also forget that the easiest path to more revenue is more retention - but if you don’t value your prospect, they won’t value you. This webinar shares proven pathways to better, more productive relationships, using steps you can start taking right away. What You’ll Learn: - The keys to building productive relationships you didn’t know existed - How to be proactive by spotting the warning signs of at-risk prospects - What every prospect needs - even if they don’t admit it - The proven formula for establishing trust and credibility in no time REGISTER

Adapting to the No-Office Normal

Information, privacy professional, and frequently offsite consultant Victoria McIntosh invites businesses to learn effective methods for allowing staff to work from home, in-office, or across the country while still protecting information assets. Deployment of remote security management differs from office programs, but the goal remains the same. Security, in-house or offsite, aims for timely access by the right users to accurate information. We want to allow entry to information resources for verified staff while shutting out external threats. For organizations, this means a plan for what staff needs to access, and how they can protect it from where ever they choose to work. About the Presenter Victoria McIntosh, Information and Privacy Professional, and Owner of Information in Bloom Management Services Victoria McIntosh is an information and privacy professional in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Holding a Masters in Library and Information Science, she puts the pieces together. Certified as an IAPP Information Privacy Technologist, Victoria brings privacy expertise to operations. She is keen on foundational privacy and security practices, enjoying opportunities to discuss and educate others with conversations, presentations, and material development. Presently, Victoria operates under her freelance consulting firm: Information in Bloom Management Services. REGISTER

Link Building Strategy Workshop

Your website needs the clout of other sites to win the attention of Google (just like in real life) Before you buy a product or a service, you look at reviews, right? You might even ask a friend about their experience to get an idea if you should buy or not. That’s how search engines feel about your website, too! Google wants to see that your website is *linked* with big websites that show your content is relevant and amazing. If you don’t have other sites confirming your content is great... Google won't prioritize it when your dream customers come searching for information. Fact: There’s only 10 lily pad spots on Google’s first page, and it’s reserved for those froggies with the right kind of clout. So... are you ready to leap towards page 1 with me? I’m Alison K, and my workshop will teach you the right way to build links (and lasting brand relationships) that will slingshot your content from ‘unknown’ to ‘household’. REGISTER

tech{LAB} Graphic Design

Topic: Canva Basics During this workshop, you’ll learn the basics of Canva, a free online graphic design software! We will walk through the different features of Canva, and by the end of the workshop, you’ll be ready to create your own graphic design! Before attending the workshop, please create your own Canva account. You can sign up for an account here: What is tech{LAB}? tech{LAB} is a FREE workshop that allows participants to get hands-on with new technology! These workshops are for anyone ages 8 and up who have an interest in technology, prototyping, or electronics. Bring a laptop if you have one! These workshops are run on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month, from 3 PM-4 PM. What Happens at tech{LAB}? Spend the first half-hour of each workshop going over the technical information on the topic. Take what you’ve just learned and apply it! Whether it’s designing a 3D print, working in groups to develop circuits for a Micro-Bit, or creating digital graphics! REGISTER

The No BS Social Media Blueprint Workshop

​A free-to-join 5-day program for small business owners ready to ideate, create, and implement a social media strategy that allows them to show up authentically and with purpose. It’s time to UNDERcomplicate your social media marketing strategy. I’m here to show you the strategies I’ve developed over the past decade of running a social media consultancy so you can master your marketing by showing up with authority and connecting with your audience. REGISTER

Rural Women in the Tech Sector: A Free Workshop Series

In today's world, the internet is forever changing, we now have access to information at our fingertips. This change in the ability to gather information, has created a demand that industries are having trouble keeping up with. Thus it has become a high growth industry, always looking for talented individuals at multiple levels. However, this industry is lacking diversity with the main focus on women. With a growing industry there can be challenges, but also some sweet benefits. These can include remote work opportunities, livable wages, flexible work hours, and great benefits package. Designed for women in Southwest Nova Scotia, the workshop will begin the week of September 20, 2021 and will be held via Zoom twice a week (Tuesdays and Wednesdays) for three weeks from 4:30pm - 6:30pm. REGISTER NOW