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Link Building Strategy Workshop

September 15, 2021 @ 10:00 am - 11:30 am ADT

Your website needs the clout of other sites to win the attention of Google (just like in real life)

Before you buy a product or a service, you look at reviews, right? You might even ask a friend about their experience to get an idea if you should buy or not.

That’s how search engines feel about your website, too!

Google wants to see that your website is *linked* with big websites that show your content is relevant and amazing.

If you don’t have other sites confirming your content is great… Google won’t prioritize it when your dream customers come searching for information.

Fact: There’s only 10 lily pad spots on Google’s first page, and it’s reserved for those froggies with the right kind of clout.

So… are you ready to leap towards page 1 with me?

I’m Alison K, and my workshop will teach you the right way to build links (and lasting brand relationships) that will slingshot your content from ‘unknown’ to ‘household’.