Events for January 20, 2022 – Digital Nova Scotia – Leading Digital Industry

Building Intercultural Competence Workshop (Online)


As Nova Scotia becomes more culturally diverse, we all need to learn how to welcome and work with immigrants and build a better community together. In this full-day workshop, you will: Increase your understanding of settlement and integration issues Explore practical ways to welcome and support new immigrants Develop intercultural relationship-building skills for working with new immigrants This interactive workshop is open to organizations, service providers, educators, and community volunteers. We also deliver workshops tailored to individual organizations. There is no fee. Workshops will take place monthly, either online or in person at ISANS (6960 Mumford Rd, Suite 2120) as ISANS and provincial COVID regulations allow. Please be sure to register early!

Job Scheduling with Slurm


This core session is designed to help new users at ACENET and Compute Canada get up and running. This session teaches participants how to use Compute Canada’s queuing environment on the national systems, using the job scheduler Slurm. Learn how the scheduler works, how it allocates jobs, what are reasonable requests to minimize wait time, how to make the best use of the resources to be more efficient, how to get more throughput, how to get more jobs running at the same time, and how to troubleshoot and deal with crashes. This workshop is designed for either new HPC users familiar with Linux and Shell Scripting, but who have not had experience with using Slurm, or, for experienced users transitioning to Slurm or seeking to improve efficiency with the scheduler. In order to get the most from the session, participants are strongly encouraged to have a Compute Canada/ACENET account and to bring a laptop to do the exercises. This session will be delivered online. To get the most from ACENET basics, please register for a Compute Canada Account. To register contact your supervising professor, ask for their CCRI, then visit If your professor is not registered with Compute Canada, […]


Sales Deconstructed: What You Need to Know to Close


Nova Scotia Business Inc., in partnership with Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and Community Business Development Corporation (CBDC), is pleased to offer Sales Deconstructed: What You Need to Know to Close. This workshop consists of two half-day sessions focused on providing your business with a step-by-step guide to sales and lead generation. Sessions will include small group work, discussions, assignments and reading on the following topics: What it takes to create a healthy sales funnel and the metrics that matter to enable you to track these over time Understanding the building blocks that need to be in place for a solid sales plan Overview of how sales process evolves from a start-up to a growth-oriented company Building a repeatable sales process to ensure proper onboarding and faster ramp times that you can scale across a growing team Closing the deal – how often to reach out and what to say This course will run from 1 pm to 4:30 pm for 2 days: Day One - Thursday, January 20, 2022: Sales trends 2022 Running your business by the numbers - the KPIs that matter Know your buyer and how to generate meetings at scale Day Two - Thursday, January 27, 2022: […]