Events for January 19, 2022 – Digital Nova Scotia – Leading Digital Industry

Innovation as Opportunity: The CEO Perspective


Learn how data can take your organization to the next level. Join David & Eric as they unpack crisis management in a time where rapid change is creating stress fractures in organizational culture. Gain insight from the CEO perspective on how change can become innovation.

Introduction to Shell Scripting


This core session is designed to help new users at ACENET and Compute Canada get up and running. Participants will learn how to use shell scripting to exercise the power of the command line. Shell scripting helps you save time, automate file management tasks, and better use Linux. This session teaches you how to name, locate and set permissions for executable files, taking input and producing output. Learn about job scripts, shell variables and looping commands. This workshop is designed for either new HPC users who are familiar with working in a Linux environment, but have not had experience with shell scripting, or for experienced users seeking to get more out of shell scripting. In order to get the most from the session, participants are strongly encouraged to have a Compute Canada/ACENET account and to bring a laptop to do the exercises. This session will be delivered online. To get the most from ACENET basics, please register for a Compute Canada Account. To register contact your supervising professor, ask for their CCRI, then visit If your professor is not registered with Compute Canada, please have them register, then follow up with you. In addition to a Compute Canada account, […]

Defining the “new normal” and designing the employee experience of the future, today


The pandemic has shocked the economy and transformed how organizations operate, creating a “new normal” for institutes, economic development agencies, employees and job seekers. With the introduction of social distancing, digitalization has seen tremendous growth; research by Mckinsey & Company reported that 80% of organizations interact with customers digitally, three times more than before the pandemic. Furthermore, several trends have emerged, such as the need for upskilling/reskilling, change in flexibility from location to time, and shift from managing employee work experience to life experience, i.e., the “employee experience”. The global 2021 Employee Experience survey found that 92% of organizations prioritized employee experience enhancements over the next 3 years, higher by 52% from before the pandemic; yet 79% of organizations reported that they have not yet arrived at their new workplace reality. From the employee perspective, during the initial phase of the pandemic, 72% of employees had confidence in leaders to protect employee health and wellbeing, but that number had fallen to 57% as 52% of employees reported high to moderate anxiety. The employee experience matters because it shapes an employee’s perception and dedication to an organization. Yet the current uncertain environment creates challenges for organizations to build a supportive employee […]