Events for January 18, 2022 – Digital Nova Scotia – Leading Digital Industry

QueerTech personal finances series by Hao Wu Financial Solutions: Webinar 2


QueerTech and Hao Wu Financial Solutions Inc. under the SunLife banner are excited to bring you a series of webinars to help you make informed financial decisions and build wealth to achieve your various goals in life. In this second Webinar we are going to talk about : How to invest smartly depending on your goals and the risks you are ready to take? Why and how to invest in diversified asset classes for long-term investors? How “Responsible Investment” is becoming the new norm? The presentation is 40mins and we have 15 mins of Q&A time. Bring your questions and ask the speakers directly. French version of the webinar will take place on January 20, 2022 at noon

Introduction to Linux


This core session is designed to help new users at ACENET and Compute Canada get up and running. Linux is the terminal interface used to enable you to use the ACENET and Compute Canada HPC clusters from your desktop. It's the tool you need to get your data on the clusters, run your programs, and get your data back. In this session, learn how to get started with Linux, how to create and navigate directories for your data, load files, manage your storage, run programs on the computing clusters, and set file permissions. This workshop is designed for those with no prior experience in working with a terminal interface. This session will be delivered online. To get the most from ACENET basics, please register for a Compute Canada Account. To register contact your supervising professor, ask for their CCRI, then visit If your professor is not registered with Compute Canada, please have them register, then follow up with you. In addition to a Compute Canada account, you will want a computer with Windows, MacOS X, or a Unix-based operating system (not a ChromeBook), and a stable internet connection. A registered account is not mandatory, just recommended to get the […]

Plastic Waste Challenge – Ideation Session

Pier 21 1209 Marginal Road, Halifax

Join us on January 18th at 1:00pm for the Plastic Waste Challenge - Ideation SessionOn January 18th, IGNITE is hosting the "Plastic Waste Challenge - Ideation Session." at the newly opened Halifax Pier21 at 1209 Marginal Road. This event will consist of three-afternoon sessions from 1:00pm-3:30pm AST, followed by a networking session until 5pm. If you are unable to attend in person, there is a virtual attendance option at registration. The Plastic Waste Challenge Ideation Session will take a deep dive into the Plastic Waste Challenge. Throughout the afternoon sessions, you will hear from Sobeys representatives about their current use of styrofoam trays and plastic wrap and why they are searching for an alternative. You will learn about the possibilities of creating a more sustainable product, and the materials that could or could not be recycled. Finally, we will present the Plastic Waste Challenge, our proposed timeline and the requirements for participation. At the end of the Ideation Session there will be an opportunity to network with other members of industry and IGNITE, Divert NS, ACOA, and Sobeys. “Plastic Waste Challenge - Ideation Session” IGNITE has partnered with ACOA, DivertNS and Sobeys Inc. to deliver a pitch competition called the […]

The World is Changing – Learn and Adapt

About this event Rick Power is an Innovation Executive with IBM, where he has spent his entire, 35-year career at the leading edge of technology, from mainframes to PCs, from the rise of the Internet to cloud computing and artificial intelligence. When asked, Rick always says he's still with IBM because the company is large enough to have lots of very different and extremely interesting roles. He's been able to convince IBM to let him tackle those fun jobs and has held national roles for almost 20 years now, while keeping Halifax as home base. He will speak to some of today's hot technologies and then offer his thoughts about how you can launch and then guide your career in such a way that you'll always have challenges, options and opportunities. DeepSense Discovery Sessions provide industry partners and students from any academic institution with an interest in data science and the ocean sector to learn more about the ocean economy, ocean data, participate in challenges presented by ocean-related companies and explore the potential of ocean data. Students (and non-students) are welcome to attend any and all DeepSense sessions. DeepSense Discovery Sessions are held online and posted on the DeepSense YouTube […]

WTWT Workshop: Employee Engagement + Career Development


Join Volta + Genevieve MacInnis on Tuesday, January 18, 2022 at 4pm AST, to learn about Employee Engagement + Career Development. Organizations want engaged employees. Engaged employees are adaptable to change, deliver exceptional customer service, miss less time and produce higher quality work. All of these behaviours lead to better results and more profitable organizations. Engagement is a two-way street, and Managers have a lot of influence over their team’s level of engagement. The expectations of today’s workforce have changed. Employees want to work for employers who invest in their growth and development and the current labour market demands that employers meet these expectations in order to attract and retain employees. Join us to learn: Key factors that impact employee engagement Employee expectations around career development Best practices to develop and retain top talent