Events for September 15 – September 1 – Digital Nova Scotia – Leading Digital Industry

True North Free Trade Forum 2022


The Ontario Government, in partnership with Canadian provinces and territories, is proud to host the True North Free Trade Forum, a unique virtual opportunity where companies and attendees will exchange ideas and explore new business opportunities in interprovincial trade. Aimed at strengthening business ties across Canada to support economic recovery, the virtual True North Free Trade Forum 2022 will look at the challenges and opportunities presented by COVID-19, as well as how increasing pan-Canadian trade could add up to $84 billion to Canada’s GDP.

The Atlantic Security Conference (AtlSecCon)

Halifax Convention Centre 1650 Argyle St, Halifax, Nova Scotia

The Atlantic Security Conference (AtlSecCon) is a non-profit, annual, information security conference located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Established in 2011, our goal is to provide quality information security education and training at an affordable cost.

QueerTech Qareers Virtual Fair


Are You Looking for Your Next Job? - Don’t Miss The Next QueerTech Qareers Virtual Fair! Working For The Future: Preparing Our Community For Tomorrow's Jobs! As we look at the future of work and technology, we know that talent and skills will always be at the center of building the best companies. Get prepared for the jobs of tomorrow starting TODAY by joining us at the next edition of the QueerTech Qareers Virtual Fair. On Thursday, April 7th (11:30-18:00 Eastern) and Friday, April 8th (11:30-17:00 Eastern), we will connect you with amazing tech employers from across Canada already building the best teams for tomorrow. Join us for great conversations about the future of work, workshops hosted by hiring companies, and some great networking. Bring your authentic self and help us queer the tech ecosystem! Hiring companies include: RBC, Chrome, Loopio, Rogers), OroHealth, OSEDEA,

Online Workplace Culture Workshop: Intercultural Skill Sets and Organizational Success


Immigrants bring skills, experiences and perspectives that can make your workplace more competitive and responsive to your market. We’ll offer you the tools, examples, and personal support your organization needs so immigrant colleagues can shine! Our workshops are highly interactive with breakout rooms, Google Jamboards, and other activities to engage participants. In this 90-minute workshop for staff, managers, and directors, we help you get beyond “cultural fit,” engage with skill sets specific to intercultural situations, and enhance your capacity to guide your workplace culture.

Niche Down, Cash Up


FREE Masterclass Reveals How to Use the “D.R.T.” Method to Finally Break Free of Overwhelm… Reclaim Your Time… and Scale Like a Boss. This simple 3-step process helps you create a rock-solid niche, where you’ll increase sales, get more qualified leads, and grow revenue... without overwork or overwhelm! In Niche Down Cash Up you’ll discover... The #1 lie taught to women by universities, mentors, and gurus keeping them trapped in an endless cycle of hustling for less money, less time, and less freedom… and how to break free of the grind with one simple change in the way you do business. Working harder than everyone else is the only way to be successful in business, right? WRONG! In fact, this way of thinking will sabotage your business success and lead to burnout. Join the masterclass to find out what you should do instead. Why women often get trapped in an endless cycle of overwork and overwhelm… and the three-step D.R.T. process you MUST follow to get clear… get focused… and get paid. How to cash in while spending MORE time with your family. Eleanor reveals how she cut her client hours 67% while earning more than ever before – and […]

WTWT: How to Build a Social Media Plan that Works

VOLTA 100-1505 Barrington Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia

It’s 2022 – social media skills are an absolute must for getting the word out about your business. Unfortunately, many businesses are posting on social media without a plan of action to turn all that time and effort into an increase in their bottom line. When you decide to post on social media without a plan, it’s like throwing spaghetti on a wall and hoping it sticks. It’s messy, inconsistent and unappealing. In most cases, the individual is unaware of how their social media presence is affecting their business on a daily basis. They aren’t aware of how creating an organized plan for their social media presence can help them increase their sales and reach a larger audience. In this workshop we will teach you: How to create a daily/weekly/monthly social media strategy, including what platforms perform best How to create a social media campaign How to create authentic content (and the types of content available)