Events for April 30, 2024 – Digital Nova Scotia – Leading Digital Industry
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Build your own GPT Without any Generative AI Experience

ChatGPT has recently introduced “GPTs”, custom versions of ChatGPT that you can create by combining custom instructions, extra knowledge, and any blend of skills. This session will demonstrate how to create your own GPT to help with any variety of day-to-day tasks or organizational processes. We will give you the knowledge and space to build your own GPT in this workshop, diving deeper into testing, improving, and optimizing your GPT. Webinar Takeaways: What use cases GPTs are best used for How GPTs work (similarities and differences from ChatGPT) How to create your own GPT Meet your presenter... Robert Newcombe is an Industrial Engineer and a passionate advocate for using AI to transform organizational productivity. After a decade of consulting experience, gaining project, coaching, and training experience in many different sectors and industries, he started Newcombe Consulting to help others improve their operations with generative AI.  

WTWT: 10 Tactics to Strengthen Your Tech Startup’s Online Presence

Date and time Tuesday, April 30 · 4 - 5:30pm ADT Location Online About this event 1 hour 30 minutes When: Tuesday, April 30, 2024 from 4:00pm - 5:30pm Where: Virtual via Zoom (link will be sent to you via Eventbrite at 10:00am on Tuesday, April 30, 2024) Description: In today's digital landscape, relying solely on social media platforms for marketing can be risky business. Join us for an immersive interactive workshop where we'll dive into innovative strategies to expand your tech startup's online presence beyond the confines of social media marketing. Throughout this session, you'll discover the importance of diversifying your marketing efforts to mitigate risks and tap into a broader audience base. We'll uncover the pitfalls of solely depending on social media platforms and explore how diversification can safeguard your brand's growth and sustainability. We'll also look at emerging trends and tools to empower you to stay ahead of the curve and adapt. Learning Outcomes: Understand the importance of diversifying marketing strategies to mitigate risks and reach a broader audience. Identify the risks of relying solely on social media platforms for marketing efforts. Learn how to implement and leverage each tactic effectively to maximize visibility, engagement, and brand growth. Gain […]

Women in Machine Learning/Data Science Meetup

The PIER 1209 Marginal Rd, Halifax

As the the Associate Deputy Minister, Chief Digital Officer, with Service Nova Scotia & Internal Services, Natasha Clarke is at the forefront of the cost and innovation paradox, with complex enterprise systems and evolving stakeholder expectations. In her role as CDO her mission is focused on making simpler, and easier services for the people that use them. Natasha is a passionate, values-driven leader, motivated by making a difference for Nova Scotians through partnerships, collaboration and empowering teams. Natasha is the board President of the Institute for Citizen Centre Service (ICCS), and a member of the Public Sector Chief Information Officer Council of Canada (PSCIOC). Join us to learn, connect and make the world better. WiMLDS has a mission to support and promote women and gender minorities who are practicing, studying or are interested in machine learning and data science.