Events for September 27, 2022 – Digital Nova Scotia – Leading Digital Industry

Solving Customer Needs


Is your business solving customer needs? Learn how to solve your customers’ needs and validate your business idea. Is your business solving customer needs? New businesses often fail because they’re building things nobody wants. Let’s get you and your business idea to a point that others understand your idea clearly so they can get behind it. Key objectives we’ll cover: Lean Business Model Canvas Identifying your business purpose Building your team Lean Canvas is a one-page business plan that helps entrepreneurs articulate their ideas clearly and concisely. Using the Lean Canvas method, this session will support entrepreneurs in articulating their product or service so they can position their problem-solution fit, identify their clients and differentiate their offering in the marketplace. Stay tuned for our guest experts who will be sharing all their insider tips on tools, methods and best practices to run a business. About the START Program With dedicated time and space to grow their skills and build out their business idea over a 12-week period, START program participants will participate in expert-led, intensive workshops and training sessions. The program will allow entrepreneurs to build the skills and confidence to position their business for success and iterate on their […]

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Businesses need creativity and creativity needs you


Through an interactive presentation, Sam Archibald from Shortstop will walk through the latest research on the need for creativity in your business from marketing to operations. For even the most uncreative among us, this session will help show you how creativity actually works and what you can do to be more creative in whatever job description you have.

Building scientific capacity and a new generation of researchers (Host: SK)


September 27, 1-2 EST / 2-3 ADT Advances in technology and increasing digitalization, before and exacerbated during the pandemic, have led to higher demand for advanced skills sets. To build the future of work, we need to empower a new generation of researchers by nurturing talent and creating opportunities for career development. The critical importance of building scientific capability is apparent, and the first steps have already been taken with the Government of Canada investing over $550 million to support more than 5,500 researchers from coast to coast to coast, and universities across Canada creating opportunity for experiential learning in leading research labs to help young researchers develop the foundational skills and experience needed to pursue meaningful careers in R&D and related fields. Supporting researchers in the early stages of their career helps them build an innovative mindset, confidence and important industry and community connections. Yet, these young researchers face many challenges, including establishing research credentials or having them recognized, limited resources for research, and high competition for the scarce research positions available. Join leaders as they share their personal and organizational initiatives, experiences and learnings in building scientific capacity and supporting a new generation of researchers for a better […]