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An Equitable Rebound for People of Colour and Newcomers – Nova Scotia

VOLTA 100-1505 Barrington Street, Halifax

Event Information ​COVID-19 has turned work life upside down. The past two years have not been kind, and work situations have changed for almost everyone. We all have our own work stories, including ups and downs, work-from-home struggles, and even the halting of businesses and loss of jobs. There are countless ways in which each of our work journeys may not have gone as expected. ​​Join ICTC on August 16th at 5:30 pm and connect with fellow Nova Scotia residents as we discuss overcoming work barriers and making a professional rebound. ​​This meetup is for Black Canadians, People of Colour, and Newcomers to share experiences over the last two years, discuss needs and challenges, and hear about career advancement and growth pathways. ​​*A $20 Amazon gift card will be provided as an honorarium to participants who actively engage in this event's discussion. ​​Let's kick off a more equitable rebound! ​​What to expect: An open session where participants can propose topics they are interested in and discuss them with other people in similar situations. We will also invite community partners (such as organizations serving Black Canadians, People of Colour, and Newcomers) who may have advice or resources for participants. ​​​Location: Volta […]

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Cyber Threats 101: The Changing Landscape of Business Loss


Cyber risk is a growing issue for all businesses. In this first of two-part webinar series Munn Insurance will provide relevant data and statistics on how cyber threats are impacting small to medium size businesses in Canada. Insurance experts Mike Collins and Aaron Blackwood will be providing a breakdown and detailed explanation of the common cyber threats. The goal of this session is to demystify cyber threats, and allow for a clear understanding of cyber risks and how they impact your business. After this webinar you will: Understand the different types of cyber threats, and common methods cyber criminals use. Have an improved understanding of cyber risk terminology Have an overview of the current state of cyber crime in Canada Note, this webinar is a two-part series. Please make sure to also register for the second session here!