Events for August 4, 2022 – Digital Nova Scotia – Leading Digital Industry

Recession Ready: Discover An Elegant, Proven Power Move To Thrive Through A Downturn


More millionaires are made during economic recessions than when the economy is booming. (Source: Credit Suisse) HOW CAN YOU PREPARE YOUR BUSINESS TO BE ONE OF THEM? (This webinar shows you HOW). Join me for a 60 minute, no fluff webinar where I will teach you 1 power move and 3 key steps every woman entrepreneur needs to know to prepare her company to THRIVE through what many experts are predicting will be a global recession. You'll learn: How buyer psychology changes in a downturn -- and how you MUST shift your messaging and sales strategy in response. The TWO types of decision-makers who buy MORE during a recession and how you can grow your sales by selling to them EXCLUSIVELY. The SPECIFIC type of streamlining you must do in your business in order to ensure you are lean, focused and competitive.



Event Details Are you an aspiring entrepreneur looking to kick-start your business idea? If you’re not sure how to get started, let us help you take your first step with CEED | Start Smart. CEED is where the conversation starts! We pride ourselves on being the place where early stage entrepreneurs can access the knowledge and expertise they need to begin their journey, grow their current business or gain the knowledge to take their idea to the next level. Additional Information Start Smart should be the first step you take along the path to your entrepreneurial dream! Special Instructions Online - You will require a device equipped with camera, speakers and a mic. No cost to attend this online session.