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Brilliant Blue Challenge


A global annual competition to explore groundbreaking technologies to sustainably advance the blue economy. Registeration for this challenge has closed! Get ready for the challenge to wrap up on December 16th 2023 What is Brilliant Blue? Brilliant Blue, is an exhilarating virtual competition that invites you to explore the world of ocean innovation. Seize the opportunity to unleash your innovative ideas, protect our ocean, and propel the blue economy forward. Brilliant Blue is a STEM Education program empowering youth, supporting employers, and fostering economic growth in the Canadian blue economy. Join us for the inaugural competition on December 16th, 2023! Why Blue Economy? The blue economy is of utmost importance for our planet's well-being. By promoting sustainable use and conservation of ocean resources, it ensures the preservation of marine ecosystems and biodiversity. The blue economy also plays a crucial role in mitigating climate change, as the ocean acts as a carbon sink and contributes to regulating the Earth's climate. Additionally, it provides livelihoods and food security for millions of people worldwide, particularly in coastal communities. By supporting the blue economy, we can protect our planet's health, foster resilience against environmental challenges, and secure a sustainable future for generations to come […]