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The Family Knife – Carving out your Marketing Potential

September 2, 2021

The Family Knife“If you replace the handle of a knife one generation, and the blade in another generation, is it still the same knife?” This historical paradox about change inspired the company name for the husband and wife team behind “The Family Knife“, a boutique marketing strategy firm based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Believing that the saying also strongly applies to marketing, it was the perfect fit. No one has the time, budget, or resources to stop all at once, make a significant change, and start up again. Instead, companies need to make small adjustments every day, until one day everything is a little different—but you’re still the same company, just refreshed, better off, and more successful.

The team at The Family Knife focuses on marketing strategy, and embracing fundamental principles—knowing what you do, what you love, what you’re best at, and what you can sustain for the long term. This approach allows clients to get deep into business, uncover opportunities, and create meaningful change. They help entrepreneurs, small business owners, and experts claim their voice, stake out a valuable market position, and generate more profit by becoming uniquely suited to help their customers thrive.

“We help you figure out where you want to be, how you’re going to get there, and the tools and processes you need to make it there profitably, all while having fun.”

– Joel Kelly and Leah Sanford, Owners, The Family Knife

Being able to do what you love is an aspiring value we all look for in a career. Working towards their dream and recognizing that the journey is sometimes just as important, positive energy is something The Family Knife has in spades. A distinctive lens of joyfulness is used throughout their operations, systems, and procedures, enhancing the client experience.

“They made every decision, in my marketing and beyond, so much less stressful, and in turn much more profitable.”

– Jessica Murray, Owner, Wedding Whisperer

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