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Housing Crisis Hackathon


We are excited to announce ShiftKey Labs’ first Hackathon of the semester, the Housing Crisis Hackathon! Hackathons challenge participants to create economically and technologically viable solutions for real challenges faced in a variety of sectors and businesses. On this three-day event, participants will be pitching and presenting innovative solutions for the housing crisis that Halifax currently faces. Not only will participants have a chance to make a real impact in our community, make connections, and showcase their skills, but will also be competing for amazing prizes!

Tech Hiring Fair for Senior Developers


Join us at our speed-interviewing event and find your next great employee. You'll talk to pre-vetted candidates with diverse backgrounds and skills. All candidates have at least 7 years of work experience. You get to interview many candidates and shortlist a selection for more detailed interviews later. Each day is dedicated to a certain skill set. You can speed interview candidates with the following skills: JavaScript Android, IOS, React Native Python Data Engineers Golang Ruby on Rails Java Employers will have the opportunity to pitch their companies and meet top talent.

Boost the Value of Your Learning


Are you ready to get more from your past and future learning? The Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Microcredentials programs in the Faculty of Open Learning and Career Development help recognize the value of your skills and knowledge and help you promote yourself. RPL awards benefits such as advanced standing or program admission while microcredentials demonstrate mastery of practical—and immediately applicable—skills. In this webinar you will: Receive an overview of the Microcredentials and RPL Programs Hear how both programs can help you achieve your academic and career goals Learn more about how to take part in Microcredentials or RPL

Women in Machine Learning/Data Science Meetup

Dalhousie Goldberg Computer Science Building 6050 University Ave, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Details Mahtab Sarvmaili is a PhD student studying Computer Science at Dalhousie University. Together with Nader Zare, Mahtab’s team, CYRUS, won first place at the international RoboCup. It’s the world’s largest international Robotic competition, and thousands of participants from dozens of countries vie for gold medals each year. Join WiMLDS and Mathab to learn and ask about the variety of artificial intelligence and machine learning models that can be used for training teams, computer games and autonomous robots. ----------------------- AGENDA (Atlantic Time) ------------------------ 6:00pm - 6:10pm: Welcome and intro 6:10pm - 6:45pm: Mahtab Sarvmaili, plus Q&A 6:45pm - 7:30pm: Networking

Navigating support for LGBTQ2+ led businesses


Join Canadian experts to learn how to find government support for your LGBTQ2+ business & hear about the value of diversity in our economy As part of Innovation Canada's Webinar Series, join Canadian experts to learn how to find the right government support for your LGBTQ2+ business and to hear about the value of diversity and inclusion in a robust economy. Our panel of industry experts will provide insights into their experience and observations growing LGBTQ2+ businesses. Plus, hear from Advisors on how to navigate the government support landscape and learn more about some of the work underway to support LGBTQ2+ entrepreneurs. A Q&A session with all panelists will wrap up this dynamic and informative discussion. We’ll welcome: Canada’s LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce Connie Stacey, President and Founder of Edmonton-based Growing Greener Innovations, and SheEO venture Erin Roach, Executive Director, Diversity Institute, Ryerson University Kusala Jayasuriya, Innovation Advisor with Innovation Canada Christina McDonald, Marketing and Outreach Manager with Innovation Canada Please note: This session will be conducted largely in English but material and resources will be made available in both official languages and participants are encouraged to ask questions in the official language of their choice.

tech{LAB} Coding Part 2

Topic: Coding Part 2 In the second part of our Coding workshop, we are going to put the new skills we used to work! We will be working on our own projects, and there will be time to show off your digital creation! tech{LAB} is a program that allows anyone ages 8 and up to get hands-on with new technology! What is tech{LAB}? tech{LAB} is a FREE workshop that allows participants to get hands-on with new technology! These workshops are for anyone ages 8 and up who have an interest in technology, prototyping, or electronics. Bring a laptop if you have one! These workshops are run on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month, from 3 PM-4 PM. What Happens at tech{LAB}? Spend the first half-hour of each workshop going over the technical information on the topic. Take what you’ve just learned and apply it! Whether it’s designing a 3D print, working in groups to develop circuits for a Micro-Bit, or creating digital graphics! REGISTER

Women In Entrepreneurship Speaker Series

IdeaHUB 1345 Norma Eddy Lane, Room 1003, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Join us for the 3rd and final installment of the Women in Entrepreneurship Speaker Series. November 19th is Women’s Entrepreneurship Day! According to Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization “Today, women account for 85 percent of consumer purchases and control $20 trillion in global spending. At the same time, they perform 66 percent of the world’s work (both paid and unpaid) yet only earn 10 percent of the world’s income. Join us, as our panel discusses their success and how be can continue to build a diverse and inclusive Dalhousie community for Entrepreneurs. This is an IN-PERSON event held at IdeaHUB, so as per Dalhousie regulations: Masks must be worn. Proof of vaccination must be provided at the door OR sent digitally to Michael Carew prior to the event.

Keeping Capital in Nova Scotia


A conversation about local procurement and the opportunities it can create for our local economy and communities. Join us on November 18th to engage in a conversation about what Nova Scotia could look like if we made a shift towards purchasing based on achieving multiple outcomes in addition to maximizing financial value. Building community capital is the means for creating healthy communities. Localprocurement leverages a community value from existing purchases and contracts; procurementbecomes a tool for building healthy and sustainable communities. We will host a panel of finance and community development experts to discuss key strategies on how we can successfully integrate the concept of local procurement to the broader business community here in Nova Scotia!

Masterclass Ep 29 – Service Equipment & Maintenance


Join us on Thursday November 18th at 12pm EST for Masterclass Episode 29: Service Equipment & Maintenance! Servicing a piece of equipment can be complicated. Whether part of a preventative maintenance agreement or a warranty service, equipment maintenance can be difficult to manage without proper tools at your disposal. Jonas provides an easy way to plan, track and optimize equipment maintenance by automating the process of managing service history, scheduling maintenance visits, and creating work order tickets. Our service management software is highly configurable, allowing you to create customized checklists and identify the inventory required for each task. Join us Thursday, November 18th for a live look at how Jonas can help streamline the process of servicing and maintaining your equipment. What will be covered: Setting up service items/equipment Adding Belts & Filters against equipment Scheduling maintenance visits Creating customized checklists

Talking to More Than One Market? There’s a Strategy for That


When you have more than one target market, do you need more than one marketing strategy? Of course, you do! About this event   Join me, Linda Daley, for a chat with voice actor Natasha Marchewka, who successfully markets to two different types of clients. Find out how her strategies have evolved over time. Learn how she’s been able to use segmenting to keep all of her contacts happy. In this 30-minute webinar, we’ll cover: Why you need a different marketing strategy for each of your target markets How to develop and deliver content for each market without confusing anyone Ideas, tips and advice for engaging with your different markets The most important task to undertake to be able to market to mulitple audiences While Natasha and I are almost as far apart as you can be and still be in North America - she in California and me in Nova Scotia - we’ve worked together for several years. Please note this session will be recorded. Linda and/or Natasha may use this video as a replay on their site for content purposes. About Natasha Marchewka: With more than a decade in voice-over, two decades in performance, and three decades in customer service, Natasha […]



The largest online conference for tech talents who want to get a job abroad 2021 has been a year that invited us to rethink, reinvent, and rebuild ourselves. The world has changed and things are more global than ever - and it wouldn’t be different in your career. We are walking more and more towards a borderless world and you need to be ready for it. To help you build your borderless career and to bring you the tools and skills you need, VanHackCON 2021 is here.