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Nova Scotia Works Virtual Technology Job Fair


Nova Scotia Works is happy to announce that we will be hosting a virtual Job fair this upcoming May! Taking all your feedback into consideration to better cater to your needs, we have designed it to be industry-specific, taking place at different times over t [...]

Do You Need a Day Off?


The first week of May is Mental Health Week. With more than a year of pandemic-prescribed lockdowns and overwhelming uncertainty, feeling “burned out" has become commonplace. “When we equate work we love with “not really working,” it propagates a belief that [...]

Intellectual Property and AI-based IGT Technologies


Data driven image-guided therapy technologies are on the brink of transforming the healthcare landscape. However, developing these AI-based technologies brings a new set of challenges to the already arduous processes of technology commercialization. These dis [...]

Breakthrough! How to Spark Vitality When Things Fall Flat


A recurring challenge leaders face today (especially on zoom) is when a group’s energy is flat, people are silent, and the room feels disengaged. The “wall of silence” or the “group withhold” can quickly become stressful and disheartening for even the most ex [...]

Project Tools – Used in Practical (Ingenious) Ways


How do you use your project tools? How else do you apply them to other areas of your business? Join Cynthia Giles, Capstone Project Solutions, and your peer project and portfolio managers, to share your stories, experiences and ingenuity. We'll be talking abo [...]

Regulation of AI in Healthcare


In this lecture, Michaela will discuss the regulation of digital technologies and software as a medical device (SaMDs). In today's digital world, e-health interventions and software play a significant role in healthcare management and delivery. The regulation [...]

Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP) Information Session for Employers


Join us for a one-hour webinar to learn about how ISANS, a settlement-providing organization, can help Nova Scotian employers settle and retain skilled immigrants and international student graduates. About the Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP) The Atlantic Imm [...]

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