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tech{LAB} Squid Dissection with SuperNOVA

Topic: Virtual Squid Dissection! Explore the anatomy of an underwater animal in this virtual dissection led by a SuperNOVA instructor! You will follow along as SuperNOVA staff get hands-on with a real squid dissection. You will learn how to identify the external parts of a squid, and be guided through a careful dissection and identification of internal anatomy! By the end of this interesting event, you will know squids, both inside and out! What is tech{LAB}? tech{LAB} is a FREE workshop that allows participants to get hands-on with new technology! These workshops are for anyone ages 8 and up who have an interest in technology, prototyping, or electronics. Bring a laptop if you have one! These workshops are run on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month, from 3 PM-4 PM. What Happens at tech{LAB}? Spend the first half-hour of each workshop going over the technical information on the topic. Take what you’ve just learned and apply it! Whether it’s designing a 3D print, working in groups to develop circuits for a Micro-Bit, or creating digital graphics! REGISTER