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How To Sell Group Programs To Corporate Buyers


Stop chasing clients. Start landing DEALS. The “How To Sell Group Programs To Corporate Buyers” Virtual Summit is a one-of-a-kind educational workshop that will teach you how to grow your revenue, impact and global reach by selling your workshops, courses and coaching programs to companies, governments and non-profits. There is no other sales training like it. REGISTER NOW The Opportunity Each year, corporations spend BILLIONS on group training and group coaching programs for their employees, clients and partners. From meditation, wellbeing, new manager training, sales coaching and BEYOND, the corporate market is a MAJOR OPPORTUNITY for women entrepreneurs to make big money and impact a lot of people. The checks are bigger, and ONE corporate client can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to your company over 2-5 years. When you start selling your group programs into corporate markets, you tap into global supply chains, export markets and you dramatically increase your ability to innovate and compete globally. The World Economic Forum estimates the global market for online learning will reach $350B by 2025. Meanwhile, corporations spend over $160B each year on corporate consultants alone. It’s time for Women Entrepreneurs to get our share of this multi-billion dollar opportunity! […]