Events for September 15, 2022 – Digital Nova Scotia – Leading Digital Industry
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Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in Business


We hear a lot about Big Data, Data Science, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in the news. Join the Acadia Institute for Data Analytics, who will clarify these terms and provide a sense of the Data Analytics process for business owners, managers and other professionals who may be considering related projects. The talk will provide an overview of Data Science, Data Analytics and Big Data. We will explore the relationship between Data Analytics and Business Intelligence with an emphasis on required resources and best practices for success. Along the way you will learn the basics about Data Warehousing, Data Engineering, and Data Visualization and gain a sense of how Data Mining methods and Machine Learning technology work to develop predictive models. We conclude with end with an examination of current trends in Data Analytics and key considerations and best practices for getting started in Data Analytics.

BIPOC Atlantic Job Fair

Halifax Tower Hotel & Conference Centre 15 Lakelands Boulevard, Halifax

The Diversity Employment Network (DEN) has always been about helping organizations build a workforce with a culture on inclusion. Join us on September 15, 2022, as we host our first ever BIPOC Atlantic Job Fair, in partnership with Feed Nova Scotia. As an organization, Feed Nova Scotia is early on in its journey to becoming a fair and equitable employer. To start creating positive social change, Feed Nova Scotia has sought out opportunities, such as this partnership with DEN, to support the development of stronger DEI practices in organizations across the provinces through learning, collaboration, and advocacy. At this full day event attendees will hear from guest speakers on topics related to workplace diversity, equity and inclusion highlighting how diverse teams are stronger teams. The job fair will include employer booths making it easy to showcase opportunities and meet with workforce-ready attendees fostering connections that may lead to hiring. This is for organizations who see diversity as one of its core values and are committed to building equitable and inclusive workforces, now and into the future. It’s about creating a space for BIPOC job seekers, where different backgrounds will be accepted and celebrated. When we work together, we work better. […]

Ready, Set, Click! – AV Technology Showcase

Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 1055 Marginal Rd, Halifax

Discover how the transformative impact of technology is shaping the new dynamics of the workplace and our regional economy. The theme of our event this year is Technology and the Workplace. Following a keynote presentation and panel discussion, the trade show portion of our event will allow attendees to meet directly with our technology partners to gain further insight and dive deeper into exploring the latest tools and technologies available to help bridge the experiences of different workplace settings.

SOAR Digital Gathering of Indigenous Entrepreneurs


The SOAR Digital Gathering of Indigenous Entrepreneurs presented by Square in partnership with Futurpreneur, Indigenous LIFT Collective and EntrepreNorth is an Indigenous-led grassroots initiative bringing together more than 1,000 Indigenous entrepreneurs across Canada on September 15, 2022. SOAR is free to all Indigenous entrepreneurs and creates a safe and inclusive space for sharing, learning and connecting in the spirit of encouragement, friendship and collaboration, grounded in sacred teachings.

Career Champions: Helping employees and job seekers reflect on their career plan (Host: BC)


In normal circumstances, after a milestone, challenge, or success, we often find ourselves thinking back and wondering what we could have done better, what went well, and what different decisions could have been made. In the wake of COVID-19, or any large-scale event of this nature where people have had time to reflect, it is then no surprise to see data pointing to “mass resignations”. For example, a survey by Lighthouse Labs found that 57% of Canadians would change careers if given the opportunity, which for many is the pandemic. Employees’ expectations have shifted as a result of the pandemic. IBM’s global survey shows that employees prioritize work-life balance (51%), career advancement opportunities (43%), compensation and benefits (41%), employer ethics and values (41%) and continuous learning opportunities (36%). Similarly, the pandemic has impacted student and prospective employee expectations, increasing demand for career-oriented programs, internship and post-graduate work opportunities, career counseling resources, and upskilling courses. A survey of 6,500 students and graduates found that the pandemic has caused about 30% to change their career plans, while just under 40% stated that they are still uncertain. These changing expectations and increasing self-reflection are not a bad omen however. Reflection helps us gain […]