Events for September 9, 2022 – Digital Nova Scotia – Leading Digital Industry

National Security & Digital Technologies


In today’s increasingly competitive geopolitical environment, national security, economic prosperity and Canada’s innovation future are closely entwined. Canadian research and innovation, including the digital technology segment, is increasingly a target of hostile activity, and a collaborative public-private approach is required to increase national resilience against this threat. Join us for a 60-minute talk for an overview of the threat environment and mitigation measures in a changing national security landscape and how to empower your organization to take actions to increase your security against a variety of threat vectors, including your by enhancing your cybersecurity posture. We will look at how: digital technological advances and research are considered key to geopolitical dominance, and their exploitation by hostile actors is connected not only to Canada’s economic prosperity but also to security risks in the form of military and surveillance applications of dual-use technology taking steps to increase cyber security can strengthen your competitive advantage and contribute to an enhanced national cyber posture organizations and individuals specializing in research and innovation can take security measures to protect themselves and their intellectual property small and medium-sized organizations can take steps to address these threats through training and certification programs, including the newly launched CyberSecure […]