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Part 2: Leading Teams, Communication

Communication is a huge part of sports; a pitcher communicating with a catcher, a coach communicating a game plan, or a teammate calling for a pass. There are countless examples of verbal and non-verbal communication in sports that drive outcomes we desire or miscommunications that lead to an outcome we don’t desire!

In this 90-minute webinar, we’ll cover:

  • How leaders communicate
  • How to translate the score into actions
  • Learning confirmation techniques
  • Communicating to motivate and keep players connected to the goal
  • Transparency and care, finding the right balance!

Participants will leave this webinar with:

  • Communication techniques for leading teams in a performance-based environment
  • Methods for gaining confirmation and commitment
  • Strategies to translate a result into a lesson or an actionable behaviour
  • The ability to find a tone that drives motivation and seriousness


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About Dave Reynolds

Dave Reynolds has over 15 years of business development experience ranging from launching and developing new products, to refining sales strategies, and customizing learning and development programs for companies all over Atlantic Canada. Dave has been growing sales teams for the past 10 years and has found a unique way of motivating employees to grow and expand their sales potential. Dave’s focus in business development recently has been targeted at growing sales teams, defining goals and structuring plans to support short term objectives and long term destinations.


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