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The Opening Doors program is designed to provide resources for educators surrounding tech industry roles and the skills students will require for entering the ICT sector workforce.

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Case Studies

Case Study
Case StudyWeb Development
Web developers are the programmers who create websites. They act as interpreters between clients and computer capabilities, taking a conceptual design and translating it into a language that computers can understand and use to display a finished product.
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Case Study
Case StudyCybersecurity
Cybersecurity is the technology, processes, and practices that protect networks, devices, programs, and data from cyberattacks, damage, or unauthorized access. Cyberattacks are an evolving danger to organizations, employees, and consumers.
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Case Study
Case StudyUX Design
User Experience (UX) design is the process used to ensure products and services provide a meaningful, and relevant experience to their users. A UX Designer is involved with aspects of branding, design, usability, and function.
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Case Study
Case StudySoftware Development
A software developer is involved in the entire process of creating and designing new systems and software. They are involved in everything from initial planning to establishing parameters, designing, writing, coding, encrypting, and testing new programs.
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Feature Articles

We encourage educators to download these free resources to learn more about careers in the ICT sector and what types of skills students will require to enter the tech workforce.

Bradley MacEachen
Bradley MacEachenConcertia
Bradley MacEachen was born in Ontario, but grew up in Nova Scotia. Having experience in IT and business, Bradley found a consulting position that’s the perfect fit for him in the tech sector.
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Matt Stewart
Matt StewartCollegio
Matt has always had an entrepreneurial drive, just like his father and grandfather. He is the founder and co-founder of a few businesses including Collegio and Click2Order.
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Susan Helliwell
Susan HelliwellPraxes
Susan started her entrepreneurial career at 12 and has founded five businesses over the past 25 years. She helps people in remote locations connect with expert medical advice.
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Katelyn Bourgoin
Katelyn BourgoinKatelyn Bourgoin Marketing
Katelyn Bourgoin specializes in customer research and digital marketing, helping businesses learn about their customers and providing guidance to help their business grow and succeed.
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Geoff Miller
Geoff MillerProposify
Geoff Miller didn’t know what he wanted to do when he left high school. He fell in love with programming at Computer Science Day at Dalhousie University.
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Nea Publicover
Nea PublicoverMOBIA Technology Innovations
With an undergraduate degree in accounting, and experience in project management, Nea Publicover would be the first to say that your path to tech does not have to be a straight line.
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Devin Slauenwhite
Devin SlauenwhiteHutch Games
Devin Slauenwhite thought about business and accounting but ultimately chose a career in tech and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. He works as a video game programmer.
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Jillian Hill
Jillian Hill20/20 Experience Design
A native Haligonian, Jillian is able to take an active role in our province’s economic growth as she steps into Halifax’s tech sector, and she is loving every moment of it.
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Yashar Asheri
Yashar AsheriGroundHog
Yashar Asheri decided to combine his interests in art and technology and enrolled in the graphic design program at NSCC, and now he’s working as a front-end developer at GroundHog.
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Kathleen Jay
Kathleen JayMaplewave
Kathleen Jay has worked in the tech sector for most of her career, and while she understands that no one’s career path travels in a straight line, she couldn’t imagine her life without tech.
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Michael MacMillan
Michael MacMillanMichael MacMillan Consulting
Michael MacMillan always knew that tech would play an important role in his life. He attended NSCC for Interactive Technologies and is now operating his own SEO consultancy.
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Lilly Chalupowski
Lilly ChalupowskiGoSecure
Lilly Chalupowski graduated from Acadia University with a degree in Arts and Music, but put down the guitar and taught herself coding and programming, leading to a career in Nova Scotia’s tech sector.
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Tyler Robertson
Tyler RobertsonHomeEXCEPT
Tyler Robertson always dreamed about becoming a developer. After high school he dove head first into a career that he knew he would love. Now he’s a full-stack developer at just 19-years-old.
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Anthony English
Anthony EnglishMariner Innovations
Anthony English is a veteran in the security field with a passion for learning. He’s been in security for a number of years, but he loves learning new things every day!
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Scott Collens
Scott CollensCovers
Scott Collens used to be intimidated by technology, but after a friend introduced him to a year-long tech program, he was hooked. He combined his job with his favourite hobby: sports!
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Jordan Kyriakidis
Jordan KyriakidisQRA Corp
Fascinated with predicting the future as a child, Jordan Kyriakidis had no idea this dream would actually lead to his career. He describes himself as an accidental entrepreneur.
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Andrew Kennedy
Andrew KennedyLeague Data
Andrew Kennedy couldn’t imagine working anywhere but next to the ocean. Nova Scotia’s growing technology sector allows him to build the career he wants, and where he wants.
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Rohid Sharma
Rohid SharmaCyberClan
Born in the Philippines, Rohid moved to Nova Scotia to attend Saint Mary’s University. He is now the Client Success Director at Cyber Clan, working with clients from around the world.
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Dawn MacInnis
Dawn MacInnisC Dawn MacInnis Consulting
A Maritimer originally from Prince Edward Island, Dawn MacInnis is a self-driven person who had two options for her future – medicine or IT – she chose IT and she loves it.
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Michael Caplin
Michael CaplinHenry Schein
Mike Caplan cares deeply about the growing tech sector in Nova Scotia. He has helped introduce young people to digital tech through his work with Refresh Annapolis Valley.
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Video Interviews

These video features on Nova Scotian tech companies and tech sector employees are free resources that educators can use in the classroom to expand student knowledge on potential future careers.

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