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WINstorm, Reducing the Digital Divide

Digital Nova Scotia member WINstorm is a dynamic storytelling SaaS company helping clients engage audiences as they build, send and measure the effectiveness of a broad range of sales and marketing campaigns.

Offering a cost-effective and accountable platform for clients to reduce the digital divide and deliver accuracy, WINstorm’s consistent messaging to target audiences centralizes communication activity and viewer behaviour knowledge. Through the delivery of timely and brand-consistent marketing across various channels, WINstorm enables clients to be more focused in their communications activities allowing for faster decision-making based on audience feedback.

Helping Communicate Important Public Issues

Their services are unique as they reduce the cost of multiple communications tools and the time and effort it takes to learn and build with them. WINstorm offers a range of digital solutions through mobile-friendly web pages, email campaigns, dynamic presentations and a variety of services through four components:

  • A digital asset manager to organize, manage and share valuable content
  • An editor to build engaging, mobile-friendly campaign sites quickly and easily
  • An email distributor for campaigns and social media links
  • Analytics to measure effectiveness through detailed viewer behaviours

WINstorm’s customer base varies from entrepreneurs and small business to corporations and municipal, provincial, state and federal government. The WINstorm platform is being used to communicate important public issues like COVID-19 updates, vaccination adoption and promoting firms preparing for economic recovery plans post-pandemic. They have been the media delivery platform used by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania throughout the pandemic. They look forward to helping jurisdictions and companies communicate more effectively to accelerate the recovery.

WINstorm is steadfast in the belief that telling better stories helps accelerate success. Our platform enables better customer engagement, which is the focus of our “easy button” software. We will continue to grow by helping organizations build, send and measure the effectiveness of their digital communications campaigns.

– Mike Willoughby, President & CEO of WINstorm

Virtual trade missions are one aspect of digital communications with many touch points for participant companies that can be digitized to communicate before, during and after each mission. WINstorm delivers each step in the virtual trade mission engagement loop including communication outreach, program delivery and results reporting.

Focused on Helping Clients Succeed

WINstorm’s employees moved to a virtual work environment long before the pandemic so there’s been minimal impact on how client projects are executed. They have been able to double their client base during the pandemic by focusing on clients needing digital engagement and virtual event support. Their versatile platform has everything clients need for event promotion, registration and, content distribution. They work in concert with other virtual meeting platforms to provide seamless event execution.

All WINstorm employees are professional communicators who are laser-focused on helping clients succeed by telling compelling stories. Telling the right story to the right audience at the right time equals a WINstorm, their formula for measuring success.

“We focus on fixing client’s greatest pain points. We send client sites out on missions whether it’s for sales, marketing, or public relations campaigns.” Says Mike. “Clients value WINstorm’s efficiency because it makes them more relevant to their target audiences and provides them with invaluable insight throughout the campaign process.” WINstorm has a weekly product roadmap meeting to continually improve and evolve the platform. They learn something new every day developing smarter tools for building better engagement, forging stronger partnerships and providing greater measurement for each client.