Welcome to the team, Leena! – Digital Nova Scotia – Leading Digital Industry
Welcome to the team, Leena!
You may have noticed already, but our team continues to grow! We’re so excited to introduce you to Leena, our newest Project Manager!
Here’s where we ask her a few questions to get to know her a little better, but if you’re interested in reaching out yourself – you can connect with her on LinkedIn or by emailing her here at DNS!
Tell us about yourself! What is your education, your experience- what led to where you are today?
I was born and raised in Kolkata. It is commonly referred to as India’s city of joy! I moved to Halifax in 2016 to do my bachelor’s at Saint Mary’s University. Although I started off as a computer science student, I naturally found myself drifting towards entrepreneurial ventures that solved social problems like youth empowerment and food insecurity. I ended up leading the largest student society on campus which was a big surprise at the time for a shy nerd that I was! Around the same time, I launched my career in financial advising at CIBC. Shortly after, I was hired by RBC to lead strategic projects to grow their operational footprint in Nova Scotia. I helped grow RBC’s brand as a top tech employer in Nova Scotia and build a strong talent pipeline for tech teams. Following which I led community projects and managed community relationships for a real estate firm, VIDA Living, which aims to make housing affordable for average working Canadian households. I am very excited about this new venture to help grow Nova Scotia’s tech sector through my work at Digital Nova Scotia! My role at DNS is a perfect blend of my project management skill and my passion for growing the wonderful Nova Scotian community.
What excites you the most about the tech sector in Nova Scotia? Is there an area that interests you the most?
It is an exciting time for the tech sector in Nova Scotia. During my time at RBC, I witnessed the bloom of our tech sector for the first time. It is a very collaborative and innovative industry which is very appealing to me since I love working with innovative people to solve problems! I am most fascinated by the recent progress in the neurotech space.
While you work, what do you have playing in the background?
I listen to binaural beats working. They are auditory illusions that occur when we listen to two tones with slightly different frequencies at the same time. They are great for increasing concentration!
What’s something you’re passionate about that would surprise us?
I love learning about human behaviour and how the brain works. I am passionate about using that knowledge to create awareness about mental well-being.
What three items you cannot live without (excluding food, water etc-)?
1. Coffee
2. My journal
3. Spotify
Quick hitters!
Spring or Fall? – Spring
Android or iPhone? – iPhone
Comedy or Thriller? – Comedy
Coffee or Tea? – Coffee
Chocolate or Vanilla? – Vanilla
Laptop or Desktop? – Laptop (who is still using desktops?!)
Breakfast or Dinner? – Breakfast
Early Bird or Night Owl? – Early bird
Ocean or Lake? – Ocean
Fun fact – I skipped first grade because I got a double promotion.