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Welcome to Digital Nova Scotia, Julia!

March 30, 2022

The entire Digital Nova Scotia team is very excited to introduce you to Julia Quach, a Grade 12 co-op student at Citadel High School who will be joining our Marketing & Communications team for 10 weeks!

Give us a short bio on yourself! What is your education, your experience- what led to where you are today?

I was born in Vietnam and lived there until I was 12. This big change in my life has had a positive impact on me in many ways, allowing my perspective to open, as well as learn more about myself which led to my decision of pursuing marketing. Beside school hours, I volunteer for the Public Library and play Rugby for Citadel to keep myself active. At school, I participate in our spirit and prom committees helping organize many school events throughout the year. I have accepted my offer to attend the University of Ottawa for a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Healthcare Analytics. However, with my interest in marketing, I plan on switching my major into Marketing.

The tech sector in Nova Scotia is thriving, is there a particular area in tech that excites you the most?

I am excited to learn anything new in tech as I am still pretty unexperienced, however I would say anything to do with digital marketing such as video production, graphic design, social media management, is what I am most interested in!

What is your favourite class in High School?

Global Geography and Chemistry

What’s something you’re passionate about that might surprise us?

Baking and Cooking

If you were given a plane ticket to anywhere in the world, where would you want it to be?

A classic, romantic place in Europe such as Italy or France:)

Quick hitters!

Spring or fall? – spring
Android or iPhone? – iphone
Comedy or thriller? – thriller
Coffee or tea? – coffee
Chocolate or Vanilla? – depends on what it is
Laptop or Desktop? – laptop
Breakfast or Dinner? – dinner
Early Bird or Night Owl? – night owl
Ocean or lake? – ocean
Fun fact – I play piano