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Welcome to Digital Nova Scotia, Adam!

February 23, 2023

We’re thrilled to welcome Adam Khamis, our newest Project Coordinator, to Digital Nova Scotia!

Adam is joining the Tourism Digital Assistance Program team and will help connect communities and tourism-based businesses with local digital service providers. He’s already hit the ground running and we’re so excited to have him join our tight-knit team! Keep reading to learn more about our most recent hire…

Tell us about yourself! What led to where you are today?
I was born and raised in Kampala, Uganda  and spent about 5 years of my life in Portugal as well, where my parents worked. While in Uganda, I was mostly raised by my aunts – who inspire me to this day! I arrived in Nova Scotia in 2017 for my studies at SMU, where I graduated in 2021 with a degree in Computing and Information Systems. I haven’t always been the best at studying, but I always knew that I enjoyed working.

I joined Enactus in 2019, which gave me the step I needed to enter the world of entrepreneurship. With this experience, I was able to lead a social enterprise and guide a team of students to a National Competition. Throughout my experience there, I learned the ins and outs of the startup and non-profit world, it boosted my public speaking abilities through pitch competitions and allowed me to become a more effective leader.

My background in consulting, entrepreneurship and project management came from my work with the SMU Entrepreneurship Centre, where I worked in community projects helping at-risk youth (Options Online) and managed projects that allowed students to get immersed in entrepreneurship, build their own businesses, receive funding and learn how to become master pitchers. I aspire to become a great speaker and a person who can help young Black Entrepreneurs here and in Uganda succeed. For my personal work, I enjoy video editing, poetry and creating content. I believe that creativity and storytelling allow me to use my voice for good – being on stage is truly favourite thing in the world!

What excites you the most about the tech sector in Nova Scotia?
I find excitement in watching new entrepreneurs build their businesses and grow them using technology, be it in their management, creating content or building creative solutions to issues in the community. I am most excited for the marketing and creativity space in the technology sector.

What’s your favourite way to spend a day off?
I usually spend my day editing videos, making animations, or streaming video games on Twitch with my friends.

What’s something you’re passionate about that might surprise us?
I’m very passionate about spoken word poetry, its been a great avenue for me to express myself and issues impacting my community. It has also turned me into a more confident speaker and professional.

What three items you cannot live without (excluding food, water etc-)?
My PC, Books, and my sandwich maker

Quick hitters!
Spring or Fall? Spring
Android or iPhone? Android — to this day!
Comedy or Thriller? Thriller
Coffee or Tea? Tea
Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla
Laptop or Desktop? Desktop
Early Bird or Night Owl? Early Bird
Ocean or Lake? Lake
Fun fact: I don’t speak my mother tongue (Luganda) but I am fluent in Portuguese, and capable of having conversations in Spanish and French.