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Venor – Tailoring their search to deliver results

When it comes to recruitment, relationships are everything. With huge passion and drive to support and grow their community, it’s no surprise Venor has seen tremendous success in the past 10 years of business. Their tech team’s knowledge, experience, and trusted business connections allowed them to complete over 100 searches successfully in 2021, and nearly double the size of their tech  recruitment team.

How has recruitment evolved over the last 10 years?As our August Member of the Month, we sat down with Venor for a discussion on their growth in the business, the ups and downs of the local labour market, and ways you can stand out when interviewing for your next role in tech.

A catalyst for Nova Scotia’s fast-growing tech sector, Venor was built with a vision of leveraging its deep talent networks to support Atlantic Canadian entrepreneurs with key resources that would help them scale. They have come a long way since the company’s inception 10 years ago, and the firm’s focus on community and people has remained intact.

“The Atlantic Canadian ecosystem is a tight-knit community, and the heart of Venor is investing the time that’s needed to best serve the people we work with. Our industry is all about results, and most clients have had a chance to measure their own recruitment success compared to the difference we offer with our services. They can see that we truly cover the market and tell their story as a company to the entire talent pool, rather than just the small percentage that is actively looking. We work to earn status as a trusted partner, not just a vendor.” -Craig Coady, Managing Partner

Through strong personal brands, credible reputation and key relationships across the region, the team is well equipped to help clients scale their business and establish themselves in the industry. They even proudly boast a 70% higher response rate from their targeting outreach than the recruitment industry average. However, the labour market is ever-changing, and hiring in a shifting landscape poses short and long-term challenges. Navigating the Covid-19 pandemic, global labour shortages, the shift and popularity of remote work, and inflated salaries within a candidate-driven market have all significantly affected day-to-day operations. That said, drastic industry changes have provided the opportunity to welcome new businesses and people into the tech community.

“We’re having eye-opening conversations with clients about current market dynamics in 2022. For many, the pandemic served as a way for individuals to evaluate what is important to them in their work and lifestyle, which may have involved changing jobs or industries. On the employer side, with a small talent pool and increased global competition, some have opted to increase skills-based hiring, offer permanent work-from-home flexibility, improve focus on employee wellness, fast-track their interview process, or change their compensation packages to retain their talent.” – Steph MacIntosh, IT Recruitment Specialist

With these adjustments, Venor has seen a shift of its practice to focus on both local entrepreneurs setting up shop locally, as well as acting as a gateway to Halifax for several expanding global brands. Venor has become a leader in this region for software development, sales, digital marketing, and executive search, as well as providing career support for individuals and companies who need a helping hand.


Whether you’re looking to make the next move in your career or need a hand with finding the right person for your team, Venor is here to help. View their current opportunities or get in touch with their team today for more information on recruitment services.