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uptreeHR, Providing Expert Support For Every Business and Their Employees

Digital Nova Scotia member, uptreeHR is an outsourced HR department for small businesses. They take care of everything from payroll and benefits administration to recruiting, policy development, planning, and cultural alignment.

Before starting uptreeHR, I worked in corporate HR for 20+ years. I have built a lot of templates, content, processes and tools along the way and they are things that can be incredibly beneficial to small business owners. I had worked in the early days of corporate entities, so I knew what it was like to build everything from the ground up. Why reinvent the wheel when we can recycle this material and customize it to our clients at a fraction of the cost?

– Sarah Mullins, Principal Consultant at uptreeHR

Customized HR Packages to Meet Your Needs

uptreeHR currently offers packaged solutions in Strategy Development, Hiring Support, Respectful Termination and People Policy Guide. Despite the current global pandemic, uptreeHR states that their two most recurring purchases are the Hiring Support and People Policy Guide packages. “Our clients like that they get a greater level of support and engagement for a lower cost compared to contingency arrangements with our Hiring Support package while our People Policy Guide contains great content that is highly customizable to support our diverse client base,” says Sarah.

Offering a Wide Range of Talent

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, uptreeHR is working to ensure their clients are compliant with legislation while also protecting their employer brands and doing what’s right for their people.  “It’s been a very unique time,” says Sarah. “About 75% of our business comes from retainer clients so while our projects slowed down a bit for a few months, our retainer clients kept us incredibly busy.”

Many of the new clients the firm has seen were searching for talent in the labour and trades sectors. “There were companies that were able to maintain operations but when they went to hire employees, they weren’t getting any applicants. It was like people assumed no one was hiring so they didn’t bother looking,” Sarah explains. In order to provide quality support to their clients, uptreeHR has served as a voice and sounding board for important business decisions for their clients in addition to their regular services.

Accessible and Convienant 

Currently operating outside of Halifax with their main office located in Middle Sackville, uptreeHR is convenient as many of their clients are small businesses located outside of Halifax and there is sufficient highway access to rural areas while still being close to the city. They are proud to operate with a very flexible organizational culture. “I started this business in 2016 when my kids were two and four years old, and two of my employees also have young children. So many women stall or step back in their careers when they have kids and I get that dilemma” says Sarah when being asked about their linear organizational culture. Sarah went on to share that “when we meet for our monthly lunches, we could just as easily be a group of friends getting together.”

uptreeHR offers free consultation sessions for prospective clients as they recognize that some employers just have a few questions they need answered, and they’re willing to help with that at no cost. If you are seeking HR services and feel as though uptreeHR may be a good fit for your organization, click here to schedule a free consultation.

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