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TDAP: A Game Changer for Tourism in Nova Scotia

August 6, 2021

For tourism operators, having a digital presence has proven to be a valuable asset, even essential during the COVID-19 pandemic. With travel restrictions loosening and borders opening, many people across the globe are preparing their future travel plans. In order to capitalize on people travelling once again, tourism operators are leveraging online platforms as a strategic and efficient way to increase their customer base and drive revenue opportunities.

To encourage and drive digital adoption, Digital Nova Scotia partnered with Tourism Nova Scotia to create the Tourism Digital Assistance Program (TDAP). TDAP began in 2020 by matching Nova Scotia tourism businesses with our vast network of digital service providers (DSPs) to increase digital opportunities and showcase the unique tourism gems in Nova Scotia.

Throughout the program, tourism businesses have worked with digital service providers big and small to achieve their digital goals – one of which is Dashboard Living. A small firm of four individuals, Dashboard Living specializes in search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing. They have focused on the tourism industry long before the creation of TDAP and their passion for tourism is evident in their work.

Often recognized as the creative minds behind a viral video series called “100 Days of Nova Scotia”, Dashboard Living published one video every day for 100 days, capturing the beauty and excitement that tourists can experience when visiting ‘Canada’s Ocean Playground’. Quickly becoming a hit, the video series gained a large audience and made them ‘accidental influencers’, and before they knew it, their business grew, leveraging their expertise in digital and SEO marketing. With a foundation built on creativity, the team thrives when working with tourism providers and always strives to exceed their client’s expectations. It’s obvious they truly love what they do.

TDAP could not be possible without digital service providers like Dashboard Living and the many other amazing DSPs that participate. When asked about the impact of TDAP on the tourism industry, Dashboard Living shared:

“Where do I begin? I think this program has been a game-changer for so many businesses. Many of these organizations simply don’t have the capital to invest in some of these services but they’re so needed. Too many tourism businesses here in Nova Scotia (and elsewhere) are so busy “in” their businesses and running the day to day that they haven’t invested the time or resources into their digital presence which means folks just can’t find them and don’t know they exist! If these brands can get online and figure out how to reach the right people, that will change everything for them moving forward. And long-term strategies like SEO, have a compound effect!” – Sara Mills, Co-Founder, Dashboard Living

The TDAP project has shone a light on not only the unique tourism businesses here in our province but the many digital businesses that are ready and proud to support them.