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Strengthening Cyber Resilience with Red Canari

May 21, 2021

Digital Nova Scotia member, Red Canari offers a variety of cybersecurity services to protect organizations. Their experts have created a hands-on methodological approach that allows them to identify vulnerabilities, exploit them, and penetrate systems and networks beyond the attack surface to maximize remediation recommendations for their partners.

Red Canari’s highly certified experts provide technical and offensive cybersecurity services to help their partners achieve cyber resilience. Their team leverages research-based techniques that enable them to discover both known and zero-day vulnerabilities. They are passionate about driving innovation, creativity, and knowledge to continuously evolve their practices to each diverse partner they service. Their experts pioneer solutions to create meaningful change in the ever-evolving realm of cybersecurity by understanding the distinct challenges their partners face. Red Canari can provide a suite of cybersecurity services that utilize both automated and manual tools to maximize their ability to identify threats through an active approach.

Red Canari is trusted by partners who need to meet the highest standards of security compliance. They provide services to a variety of partners in aviation, finance, energy, health care, as well as government and military command, and have significant experience operating in these industries where they have an in-depth understanding of the changing cybersecurity landscape.

Daily Operations in Difficult Times

Successfully adapting to the remote work lifestyle, Red Canari ensures best practices using virtual communication with internal and external stakeholders, team members, and partners. In fact, the Red Canari team is accustomed to remote work due to their start-up culture. As a growing organization, their team is extremely collaborative across roles and functions. Everyone at Red Canari wears multiple hats, plays a role in many of their core projects, and delivers partner engagement from beginning to end. Their sales, technical, marketing, and HR team functions are all interconnected to best support organizational objectives. They pride themselves on their seamless ability to spearhead leadership initiatives and work collaboratively.

Despite the challenges COVID-19 has presented, Red Canari has flourished over the past year. Their organization has undergone significant growth, onboarded a plethora of new clients, and expanded its service delivery. The size of their team has grown, their processes have matured, and they are upscaling rapidly to meet demand. As a result, Red Canari is excited to onboard new talent to the team in 2021. They are constantly posting new job opportunities to support their organizational needs and to position themselves for continued growth in the years ahead.

Supporting Innovative Ideas

Freedom, ownership, and accountability are some of the best parts of working at Red Canari. They maintain a team culture where their members are given a lot of room and flexibility to share and experiment with new ideas. Encouraging everyone to take ownership of their work and take accountability for their contributions, Red Canari inspires  staff to be innovative, creative, and think outside the box to solve unique challenges. Everyone at Red Canari is expected to be a leader, to expand their knowledge, and to constantly learn, discover, and research solutions to complex problems. Red Canari offers all full-time employee’s professional development funds to to enroll in activities, courses, or pursue licenses that would benefit their professional growth within the organization. They want to see their employees grow and reward them for their hard work, ambitions, and motivations. Red Canari believes that continuous lifelong learning is a fundamental key to their success.

As they grow, they would like to incorporate training programs that will allow them to train and grow junior talent who are passionate about working in offensive cybersecurity. Red Canari is an active supporter of training the next generation of cybersecurity leaders. The partners are founding members of iHack Ottawa, an organization dedicated to nurturing and growing the cybersecurity community across the region. Red Canari also hires co-op students from Canadian universities.

The Red Canari team frequently collaborates to face their challenges together. They have built-in processes to keep the entire company informed of ongoing projects, incoming leads, and forecasts for growth. Every month their partners recognize employee accomplishments, assess their goals, and answer questions or take feedback. At Red Canari, everyone is in it together.

Celebrating Workplace and Culture

An important aspect of the culture at Red Canari is employee wellness. The health and wellbeing of every team member is top priority. They have introduced numerous employee wellness initiatives including health campaigns, professional wellness sessions, and flexible working hours. Red Canari fosters a culture of empathy, understanding, and inclusion. For instance, once a month Red Canari has “Wellness Friday” where everyone participates in a one-hour professional wellness session and one-hour of fun team-building games. These activities are a great way to build comradery, fun, and diffuse any stress. Red Canari finds that this initiative is even more important now as socialization is difficult.

They prioritize the recognition of their employees not only for workplace accomplishments but personal accomplishments. For Red Canari, their team is not just employees, but individuals who they sincerely care for. Additionally, their team members enjoy having the opportunity to participate in community events relevant to cybersecurity – whether it is presenting at conferences or representing Red Canari at virtual business fairs.

Overall, Red Canari’s efforts highlight the importance of retaining their talent rather than just hiring them to their team. Their main goal is to achieve excellent employee satisfaction.