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Staying Digitally Centered with BeResponsive Media

January 12, 2021

Digital Nova Scotia member BeResponsive Media is unlike most agencies, every tool they create, and every project they manage is digitally centered. Each campaign leverages customized, researched, and state-of-the-art digital components that collect meaningful, specific data. This data tells them when their client’s marketing is working — and when it’s not. And of course, they also help their clients with traditional and digital marketing projects!

Their core service offerings include:

  • Digital360 — Industry Data, Keyword Strategies, and Strategic Digital Opportunities
  • Dream Client Avatars — Target Customers for Targeted Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Strategy — Processes and Collateral to Implement the Digital360
  • Monthly Digital Marketing System — Lead Generation System with ROI Tracking

Our Digital360 is the most extraordinary high-value service we offer. Digital360 clients are amazed at how much they can learn about their online competition and their target market. They’re also both excited and relieved to have an achievable strategy that clearly shows how they can beat their competitors!

After the Digital360 is complete, we create the digital lead generation engine to implement the strategy and marketing initiatives. We demonstrate to each client the ROI on their marketing dollars, so they stop wasting their marketing money.

– David Tonen, CEO & Co-Founder of BeResponsive Media

Using Real Data to Make Real Change

Working with small and medium-sized businesses that value the importance of real data, BeResponsive Media helps them make the best strategic decisions to grow their business. “Until they have the full digital picture of their industry’s landscape and how they stack up versus their online competition, they can’t make the best decisions to win online.” Says David.

The use of real data makes their services unique from their competitors. They collect, analyze, and interpret detailed data to make specific strategic digital marketing plans for each customer they work with. This data shows who the customers are, what search terms the customers are actually searching, what sites they are going to now, and forms the basis of their strategic plan to capture them as leads for their clients.

Embracing Change to Better Serve their Clients

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has not impacted the way the BeResponsive team works, but it has impacted how much they are working! The customer journey has been starting online for years now, but COVID-19 accelerated the speed at which consumers embrace e-commerce. As a result of brick-and-mortar store closures, the entire transaction is often now online. This includes all phases of customer research, brand awareness, product consideration, purchase, customer experience and loyalty.

This new digital reality has forced many businesses to recognize the importance of good strategy to sustain and grow online. Those who understand that having access to real data ensures their success have been eager to go online, identify how to connect with their target customers, and enhance their digital assets. The BeResponsive Media team has been lucky enough to see their company grow steadily through the pandemic. They’re busier than they’ve ever been, and they’re excited to help more businesses thrive in this season of economic uncertainty.

They love helping clients achieve their business goals during these challenging times. Even though the year ahead presents many uncertainties, BeResponsive is very excited about the opportunity to help companies that have figured out they can win online with a concrete, tailored strategy. Every company has the opportunity to do things digitally in a new way, if they are ready to embrace the realities the data exposes and the opportunities revealed through their new and surprising pathway to digital lead generation.

A Team that Craves Client Success

“We have a great team of unicorns” says David, “Every member of the BeResponsive team brings their multitude of talents and experiences into our process of helping clients be successful. Each member of the team takes ownership. We genuinely care and want to be a part of every client’s success. We look at it this way: If our client is successful, we’re successful!”

The team loves to work hard, but they also believe they should enjoy the journey. Everyone on the team is a foodie and loves to share great treats. From “Cheese Friday,” “Waffle Wednesday,” “Sundae Monday,” and regular lunches and dinners, these social bonding times over good food fuel them through the hard work of helping their clients win.

To commemorate their success, BeResponsive Media has been acknowledged as a finalist for the Halifax Chamber of Commerce 2021 Small Business of the Year Award!

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