Squiggle Park Gives the Gift of Literacy – Digital Nova Scotia – Leading Digital Industry
At Digital Nova Scotia, we’re proud to support Squiggle Park’s Give the Gift of Literacy program. Squiggle Park is a series of games that help students improve their reading skills. Students using Squiggle Park for as little as 30 minutes a week are mastering a full year of reading curriculum in only 18 hours of play which is 5x’s better than any traditional classroom.

Over the past year Squiggle Park has had over 10 million questions answered by students learning to read and from their data. All over Canada and the US there are amazing schools and teachers hoping to benefit from using Squiggle Park with their students. That’s why Squiggle Park is trying to get the games into the hands of all the kids who can benefit from them and ultimately improve literacy in a meaningful way. It’s a very exciting opportunity and amazing to be a part of making a difference in the lives of kids and teachers. Their current goal is to have 100 schools supported before the start of the school year September 2017.
If you would like to invest in a Squiggle Park license for a classroom or a school, please follow this link to their website where a direct purchase can be made.