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Sportsplex RFP

September 18, 2018

Image result for dartmouth sportsplexIn May 2017, the Dartmouth Sportsplex closed its doors to begin a $25 million renovation project. With the construction of a new gymnasium underway—as well as major upgrades to the pool area, fitness centres, lobby area, and more—the Sportsplex is positioned to re-open as our region’s most modern recreation facility. In addition to the physical changes to the Sportsplex, the facility is also evolving its mandate, mission, vision, and values. The facility will play a new role in the community, with a strong focus on inclusivity and accessibility. A true community hub, the Sportsplex will strive to be a third space for many residents, instilling a sense of community pride and belonging.

With these changes come a need for better communication and online supports for customers. After being closed for over a year and a half, the public has high expectations when it comes to customer service upon re-opening.

Currently, the Dartmouth Sportsplex website ( enables internal users to post information, edit schedules, link to online registration, and add and remove pages. While these capabilities are useful and critical going forward, the design is dated and functionality requirements have changed. The Dartmouth Sportsplex website requires a complete overhaul before the re-opening of the new facility. During construction, news about the renovation and other valuable information such as parking and ice schedules have existed on the Sportsplex Evolution website (

The new Dartmouth Sportsplex website should align with the renovations happening both physically and philosophically to the facility. A modern design, more advanced capabilities, and accessibility features will aid in achieving this alignment.

In addition to a new website, the current Dartmouth Sportsplex brand is dated and should better align with the facility’s new mission, vision, and values. The primary goal of the logo redesign and brand development project is to create more inviting, recognizable, and modern visuals that convey our focus on community, accessibility, and holistic health.

This RFP is divided into four parts:

  1. Website and online presence redesign.
  2. Brand development support and logo design.
  3. On-going support in the development of marketing strategies and materials.
  4. Optional — Virtual tour.

Companies who manage projects outlined in part A, B, and C can submit one proposal. Two or more companies who wish to work together to deliver parts A, B, and C, can submit the proposal as a joint venture.

Part D, the virtual tour, is optional and only needs to be completed by companies who produce this type of work. The ability to provide the visual tour will not be an evaluation criteria in determining the award of Parts A, B & C.

Download the full RFP HERE for the Sportsplex – Web site and Brand Development 2018