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Seizing Opportunity: Virtually Connected Solutions

Kate Sullivan, Owner & CEO of Virtually Connected Solutions has worked in administration for over 20 years. When the Covid-19 pandemic first hit, businesses were shaken to their core and in need of support – and that’s where Virtually Connected Solutions stepped in.

“If anything, Covid-19 is the reason I went into business. I saw a need to help serve people who were challenged with transitioning and surviving into the online business world – even more so now, than ever.”

In the midst of these unprecedented times, Kate pivoted her career to support remote working and launched her business. Virtually Connected Solutions was born during a unique time in our history and now, Kate offers her insights and expertise to non-profits, Boards of Directors, and companies in every industry, from housing and finance to international marketing.

Within three months of launching her business, she became internationally certified as a Virtual Assistant and her business grew from there. Virtually Connected Solutions oversees and manages a wide range of operational processes, freeing up their client’s time to focus on where their passion and expertise thrive. Professional, managerial-level support for businesses, Virtually Connected Solutions can serve as project managers, operations managers, office managers, and human resource managers – individually or all rolled into one. A few services they offer through OBM’s include:


– Centralizing a virtual office


– Creating and optimizing processes to ensure businesses are functioning efficiently.


– Documenting workflows, creating and revising standard operation procedures, administrative records, and tracking all the moving pieces


– Streamlining systems and automation

  • “I can help my clients from a management perspective, not just the doer perspective. Clients need someone they can walk through their issues with, lay it all on the table and help them come up with workable solutions.”

Virtually Connected Solutions also offer coaching services – an opportunity to not simply solve the immediate issue a business is facing, but help them build the tools they need to address and avoid them.

Visit Virtually Connected Solutions here and learn how they can help you connect the dots for your business… remotely!

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