Providing Unique and Specialized AV Solutions with Backman Vidcom – Digital Nova Scotia – Leading Digital Industry
Providing Unique and Specialized AV Solutions with Backman Vidcom

Locally owned, award-winning and proudly Nova Scotian, Backman Vidcom was founded in 1976 and is the established market leader for commercial audiovisual design and technology integration services in Atlantic Canada. The AV industry is always adapting to the constant state of change that represents the technology sector. As an active participant in their industry associations, Backman Vidcom invests in training and development that allows them to stay current on industry-related developments. They supply, install, and service permanent commercial AV systems for a variety of corporate, government, and educational enterprises. corporate boardrooms, classrooms, training rooms, museums, video walls, command and control rooms, emergency operations centers, courtroom AV, council chambers AV systems, broadcast systems, as well as access control, security systems, CCTV systems and more.

Licensed and Certified for Success

Backman Vidcom is proud to be a member of the PSNI Global Alliance, a network of elite technology integrators who set the industry standard for knowledge, expertise, and best practices. Their employees are also proud to hold AVIXA’s coveted Certified Technology Specialist designations which is recognized worldwide as the leading AV professional credential.

Their team has designed, supplied, installed and supported AV equipment for an extensive variety of corporate and public sector entities and public venues including museums, science centres, national historic sites, universities, airports, training centres, theatres, wellness centres and other large venue projects. They work primarily with clients in the Atlantic provinces, but in the past year, they have completed significant projects in Ontario and Alberta.

The work Backman Vidcom does is both unique and specialized. By making complicated technology systems more accessible, they make sure their customers can use the technology they install to advance their business needs and objectives. Their company is made up of talented employees who have very unique skill sets, credentials, the professional training required to complete complicated demands. This is where they shine; the more complex the need or problem is, the more motivated their team becomes to showcase their talents and provide a successful end-product or solution. They also have a very collaborative environment that allows their teams to work in unison, bringing together the different expertise and unique skillsets they each have to create systems that solve their customers problems and needs.

Rigging for COVID-19

Similar to many Nova Scotians, COVID-19 has impacted both their industry and their business. Above all else, the safety of their employees (and their customers) is of utmost importance to their company and is inherent in their core values. They have adopted the recommended safety practices by public health officials to allow them to continue their work in a manner that reduces potential health risks for any of their stakeholders. The pandemic has created a shift in the demand for AV services by their clients, and they have been helping them deploy technology that facilitates a hybrid working environment where the physical space has been modified to accommodate both hotelling at the physical office and work from home environments. Their team also continues to be busy with many large construction projects in their region that requires permanent commercial AV systems.

The pandemic has offered some new and exciting business opportunities that allow Backman Vidcom to help their clients find ways to adopt a “new normal” using their technology and systems. “For instance, there is now a strong demand for streaming event services, hybrid working environments, touchless AV in schools, and remote collaboration by video” says Tom Murray, Vice President of Backman Vidcom. “Even before the pandemic, our industry has always had to stay on top of developing trends in technology which occurs at a rapid and changing pace. We are now putting our knowledge and abilities to good use in addressing this shift in the adoption of technologies. We will continue to invest heavily in training, professional development, and participating in many industry conferences, trade shows, and educational programs.”

Celebrating their Workplace Culture

Their people are their most important asset, and they value supporting their continuous professional development and work-life balance. Their employees get to work both independently and as part of a team with a great workplace culture that encourages this dynamic. In addition to their annual holiday party, they have an annual bowling tournament, have done an overnight staff retreat to White Point Beach Resort, monthly pizza parties to celebrate birthdays, summer barbecues, and offer a paid holiday break for their staff between Christmas and New Years. They look for individuals who have integrity, are technically proficient, have a desire to offer great customer service and who want to be a key contributor to a team environment.

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