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Predictive Success, Improving Management Through People

Digital Nova Scotia member, Predictive Success is the Canadian partner of The Predictive Index. With consultants working across Canada and in the eastern United States, they provide clients with the Predictive Index software and management training based on the Talent Optimization framework.

Predictive Success empowers leaders with the data and skills to maximize their investments in their people. Through a comprehensive solution of proven talent management methodologies, knowledge sharing programs, and an integrated technology platform, they enable individuals and organizations to optimize their performance. The Predictive Success team of management consultants will solve your people challenges and teach your leaders to dramatically improve their hiring process and their management through people mandate.

They assist leaders to become self-aware and build trust deposits with their staff each day, a “second paycheck” to increase productivity at no extra cost is a frequent benefit from the work at Predictive Success.

Investing in your Team

Working across industries with companies of various sizes, Predictive Success combines data and analytics with decades of management experience. When they work with companies, their approach to helping them align people with strategy is based on what the data tells them, and also their experience in driving successful teams. The smallest companies they work with have 5-10 employees and the largest have 20,000+. Anyone who hires and has teams has the potential to be a client.

Their Dream Teams software in particular uses advanced analytics to determine a team’s behavioral composition and strategy type. Then, the software shows leaders how to align these two areas. During the ongoing pandemic, most of their clients are either hiring rapidly (ie. Grocery stores) or having to work on skeleton staff due to downturns (ie. Hotels). The companies that are growing are using it to make sure all their hires are supporting the company’s strategy. The companies in a downturn are using it to ensure they have the right people left over to get the job done.

Employees leave organizations for a multitude of reasons and high turnover rates can impact company culture, productivity, engagement, and overhead. It is important to prepare for the possible impacts of turnover to ensure your team is equipped with the right tools for success. With the help of Predictive Success, clients see on average a 30-40% reduction in turnover, which translates into thousands of dollars put back on the bottom line.

Helping you Plan for Success

2021 brings a new year and the Predictive Success team is excited to continue to assist organizations with their pandemic recovery plans and seeing teams get back to normal, or whatever their new normal may look like. Their team thrives when we are helping others maximize output and when they get the opportunity to work alongside so many amazing businesses. They get ingrained with their teams and are “in their corner” to help them when they are needed.

Interested in learning more about the Predictive Index and how Predictive Success is supporting Nova Scotian talent? Connect with David Osborne, Vice President of Predictive Success Corporation!

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