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Playground Creative Agency, Fostering Great Digital Communication

March 19, 2021

A visual communication and branding agency, Playground Creative Agency is proud to offer an array of superior services in digital marketing including specialized 3D graphic design and video production services.

Playground is bilingual in both English and French and knows the ‘Maritimes’ culture well. Their wide range of talent and skills blend harmoniously, making them a dynamic and creative team of experts. They can accommodate their clients on all of their branding, communication, and marketing projects no matter the scope. Most importantly, their expertise always comes with a hefty dose of fun and good humor. They support all clients – whether they are small, mid-sized, or larger-scale businesses – who are looking to develop their virtual presence in new and engaging ways thanks to visual communication, and help develop their brand identity.

Meeting the Digital Demand

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has provided the Playground team with opportunities to adapt their work and communication with their clients when they cannot meet face to face. They are grateful it has not impacted their ability to come together as a team to bring projects to life. If anything, the pandemic has shown them how detrimental it is for businesses to visually set themselves apart, and create a great customer experience via digital communication. They want to bring that positive energy to all those who need it.

Our way of working is one that embraces change and flexibility anyway. We believe in sharing, chatting and shaping new ideas together – all our tailored solutions are a product of teamwork. We also pride ourselves on our transparency and continue to ensure that our clients know exactly how projects are progressing.

– Mariia Souchko, Director Of Marketing And Development at Playground Creative Agency

Utilizing their Team of Talent 

For 2021, their team is excited to share more fantastic brand ideas and successes with their clients, designing more great digital communication, and have more fun learning new things! A huge motivator for their team is having fun, that is why they named their agency Playground Creative, because they believe it is important to have fun while you work. Enjoyment is the energy they hone in on and use to make communication reach exciting levels. They have created a creative playground, where everyone has a say and are able to bring their talents into the mix.
The Playground team is proud to support a dynamic and flexible work ethic, being honest with each other as well as transparent with their clients. It is also a caring workplace, they quickly come together as a team to work on specific needs. The entire team knows they can rely on each other, and support each other, in all circumstances. Where there is fun, there is creative energy!

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