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Outshine: Proves and Improves the Impact of Marketing

August 16, 2021

Outshine channels its obsession with data and analytics to help clients achieve their digital marketing goals.

For many, advertising is measured in loose and intangible terms—a campaign might have a high click-through rate, but does that mean more customers were generated because of it? Not necessarily. Making these kinds of connections is a huge technical challenge because it means gathering data from a huge number of sources, ensuring it’s accurate, and analyzing it carefully to verify results. But solving this problem is the foundation of Outshine’s approach. They bridge the gap between data, performance, and revenue, and help clients use digital advertising techniques and data to maximize the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

Driving the pipeline for high-growth B2B SaaS companies and working alongside some of the world’s best B2B SaaS companies allows Outshine to witness some of the most fascinating and progressive organizations in the business, allowing their team to grow alongside them.

“Many of our clients partner with us when they need to accelerate growth, and we work with them through milestones like an IPO or reaching unicorn status. It’s exciting to be a part of those moments and see their teams succeed.” – Eleanor Bramah, Director of Marketing, Outshine

At Outshine, they know that good decisions begin with clear, actionable performance insights from a multitude of connected data sources. It’s all too common to see a marketing team focus on short-term priorities, rather than long-term business outcomes. By focusing on the data behind what’s being done, business and marketing goals can align.

Their love of data and analytics led them to create their very own revenue-optimized advertising approach; helping their clients target high-value customers, improve their campaign performance and increase return on ad spend.

As leaders in their field, Outshine has also been one of the only Canadian companies to be invited to participate in Google’s International Growth Program which has been designed to help businesses scale growth on an international level and tackle the challenges that come with expansion into new markets. The partnership also means they’re often in beta tests and can test new ideas and technology from Google—which is pretty cool.

“Our home base of Halifax, Nova Scotia has been a big part of our success. The technology sector in Halifax continues to grow and evolve, and it’s inspiring to be a part of this innovative community.” – Eleanor Bramah, Director of Marketing, Outshine

A team that is full of personality continues to find like-minded individuals as their workforce grows at an astonishing pace, expanding by 40% within the last year alone! They believe in an approach that caters to culture and team dynamics, arguing that it’s the most important measure of their success as a professional services company. To work at the calibre, they are currently operating at relies on the motivation, excitement, and happiness of their team members in the work environment. At Outshine, it’s about ensuring their team has the tools and support they need. They focus on each employee’s individual needs and goals and offer a $5,000 training budget per person annually to grow the next generation of international digital marketing consultants.

The future is bright for this data-driven company, they’re one to watch!