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Outshine is joining Google’s International Growth Program

March 16, 2021

Outshine‘s partnership with Google continues to grow and they’ve joined Google’s International Growth Program as the only Canadian lead gen agency.

Google’s agency program is designed to help businesses—and now Outshine’s clients—scale growth on an international level and tackle the challenges that come with expansion into new markets.

Outshine has a unique focus on B2B technology clients in the US and Canada—a niche that reflects their home base in one of Canada’s growing tech hubs, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Their location makes them an ideal partner for businesses both in North America and across Europe, and through this new program with Google, their team and clients can leverage new tools, training, and resources to make international digital advertising a fundamental part of growth strategies.

“Google’s an amazing partner to us and we’re so excited to join the International Growth Program,” says Andrew Breen, Outshine’s president.

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