New Statistics Canada Report on the Impact of Cybercrime on Canadian Businesses – Digital Nova Scotia – Leading Digital Industry

October 24, 2018

Statistics Canada have officially release results from its first ever Canadian Survey of Cyber Security and Cybercrime (2017). While Canadian businesses continue to rapidly embrace digital technologies, organizations and government agencies have lacked the relevant information needed to make evidence-based decisions on programs and policies concerning cyber security and cybercrime.

The survey found that in 2017:

  • Canadian businesses spent a total of $14 billion to prevent, detect and recover from cyber security incidents.
  • Two out of ten (21%) Canadian businesses were impacted by a cyber security incident.
  • Almost six out of ten (58%) businesses impacted by cyber security incidents experienced some downtime.
  • About 10% of impacted businesses reported the incident to a police service.

For a full copy of the final report and a sectoral breakdown of the impact of cybercrime, visit