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MOBIA: Embracing, Evolving and Disrupting the Telecommunications Industry

“We are passionate about what we do, and we are committed to providing value to our customers. I think that is us in a nutshell.” – Mike Reeves, President, MOBIA

From their customers to their teams, putting people first is something MOBIA has done for over 35 years. A core strength of their business is the diverse group of talented people they have acquired, allowing them to work closely with customers when they bring forward some of their unique challenges. In many instances, MOBIA has to co-create and co-innovate with their customers, whether it’s with working on strategies, people, processes, technology or culture.

“We have a saying internally – our customers make us better. “ – Nicole Murphy, Director of Marketing, MOBIA

Being a privately held company allows MOBIA to be patient and make decisions effectively about how they operate, who they are and what they do for their customers and communities across the country. MOBIA has always had a goal to expand the company nationally and now in 2021, they can officially say they are nationwide! From their Vancouver office to their HQ here, in Dartmouth Nova Scotia, their team creates solutions and leverages their strengths to help their customers thrive.

A recent highlight in the company has been the co-creation and digitized workflow and process flow solution in healthcare. This creation was made alongside MOBIA’s partners in Newfoundland and is now being implemented in many other provinces. This milestone was recently featured in a press release by Newswire.

“5G is an exciting growth area where we are building amazing knowledge and solutions that are starting to take shape based on the needs of our customers. A year ago we were talking about 5G and this year we have technical skills and solution offerings for customers. “ – Nicole Murphy, Director of Marketing, MOBIA

None of this could have been possible without the amazing ability of their teams, with close to 600 members and growing. At MOBIA, the team accepts and is open to evolving and changing with their customers and their needs. What embodies MOBIA as a company is their resilience, ability to adapt, and desire to help. Over the past year, life has changed due to the global pandemic but the MOBIA team continues to pivot to adhere to all of their customers’ desires.

MOBIA supports clients with broadband and wireless, cybersecurity, cloud, traditional infrastructure, software development, modern IT methodologies, analytics and Enterprise 5G. We could go on, but recommend you check out their website for more.