Meet our Skills for Hire Student of the Month – Sarvesh! – Digital Nova Scotia – Leading Digital Industry
Meet our Skills for Hire Student of the Month – Sarvesh!

Sarvesh Bhalerao is our Skills for Hire Student of the Month, bringing 17 years of experience to the table. An award-winning designer with recognizable work with advertising, multimedia, and software companies, Sarvesh thrived on helping companies launch their products and services successfully through creative advertising strategies to achieve their expected revenues. Outside of work, Sarvesh adores wildlife, nature photography, cooking, and travelling. By utilizing his diverse design expertise, he aspires to create products that are innovative and useful for users, ultimately to provide engaging experiences.

With a diploma in Graphic Design and Graphic Print Production, a diploma in Multimedia and a Bachelor of Arts – it’s clear Sarvesh enjoys to learn. Now, a participant in our Skills for Hire UX Cohort, learning about UI design and user research, and when asked to pick a favourite course – he shared that it would be an injustice to do so, as he loves them all.

Design should solve problems, and it should not be only beautiful but thoughtful and engaging”

Sarvesh Bhalerao

Having a strong network and being able to tell interesting user stories are important to your identify in UX Design shares Sarvesh, and he highlights his enthusiasm for the Halifax Connector Program, which works closely with our Skills for Hire team to help our students build their networks. In addition to networking, Skills for Hire offered courses and online sessions with Sahra MacNeill to help participants plan their careers, write cover letters, build a resume, search for jobs and prepare for interviews

“Utilizing my design skills to create sustainable, useful and useable products through innovation entices me and is my dream job. I would love to design products or applications that give users a delightful experience, and help to solve their problems.”

– Sarvesh Bhalerao

If you’re interested in meeting or working with Sarvesh, we encourage you to connect with him on LinkedIn!