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Meet Our May Get Into IT Students Of The Month!

May 27, 2022

Our first student of the month of May is Mehnaaz Haniff, a 15-year resident of Nova Scotia who has an interest in tech that can be traced back to getting their first HP desktop computer in the late 90’s from their father. Mehnaaz started her career path as a Biochemical and Cellular Biology Cancer researcher. After choosing to become a stay-at-home parent to two wonderful children and take a step back from the workforce, Mehnaaz made the decision to try something new once ready to return to work.

“When I decided to work again, I found myself less prepared for the rapidly advancing technology-oriented world—every aspect of our lives is dependent on some form of technology. If I chose to go to my previous line of work, I would have had to retake my courses; I wanted to start something different for a new beginning.” – Mehnaaz Haniff

After a loved one suggested getting into the tech field, Mehnaaz found the Get Into IT program and it seemed like the perfect fit. Now, a couple of months into the program, she’s happy she made the jump into the program.

“Get Into IT has given me the opportunity to dive into the world of computers. Besides the awesome incentives, I like that the program has structure and assignments to keep us steadfast. I also like that there is actual human support and interaction—I don’t feel alone, there are others out there striving to do the same thing; and there are knowledgeable instructors to help us. The instructor’s live demos, career workshops, discussion groups with fellow classmates, the wonderful coordinators and facilitators of the program, are the pillars that hold up this program. It is not the same as just taking a course with pre-recorded videos and notes; here, we get to ask questions, get support, and learn content with guidance.” – Mehnaaz Haniff

Going forward Mehnaaz hopes to have a job where she can express herself, where she is challenged, and where she has the opportunity to continuously learn and use her new and old skills.

Our second May student of the month is Anamika Soni who joins the program with a background in education and a keen interest in the arts. Anamika has always been interested in learning new technology and new skills, which led to her interest in Cybersecurity.

“Cyber crime is increasing day by day and keeping the data and information safe is a top priority not only for the big organizations and companies, but for individuals as well. Every day we see so many people targeted and their accounts or systems hacked and being victims of fraud by the misuse of the technology. Cybersecurity plays an important role and seeing its importance in today’s world, I decided to learn about it.” – Anamika Soni

So far, Anamika is enjoying the program, and has had particular interest in cybersecurity roles, process, and operating systems, and enjoyed learning about Firewalls and protecting the systems.

Going forward Anamika would like to continue learning and develop world-class experience dealing with fraud and misuse of technology to safeguard the data and information from being used for the wrong purpose.

Congratulations to these two hard-working participants!

To connect with Anamika by email at [email protected] and to connect with Mehnaaz contact her at [email protected]