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Meet our Get Into IT Students of the Month – September

Each month we highlighted two students from the Get Into IT program who stood out in some way. Our students of the month for September are officially our last two of the program as we wrapped things up on September 16th.

Our first highlighted student is Ayodeji Oluwagbenga Oluwadare – fascinated by solutions orchestrated by cutting- edge technology – he has always wanted to be a practitioner in the IT industry. With a background in BSc. business administration and unsure how to navigate his transition into the IT sector. Once Ayodeji came to Canada and came across the Cybersecurity program with Get Into IT he was well on his way.

“I aim to be a subject-matter expert, delivering value in the Cybersecurity industry in the near future, learning from the wealth of experience of professionals in the network I’m building and from continued development through training and conferences. ”
Ayodeji Oluwagbenga Oluwadare

With this new training under his belt and a clear passion for the tech industry it seems that Ayodeji is well on his way to accomplishing his goal of becoming a cybersecurity compliance analyst.

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Our second student of the month joins us from the IT Support program. Randeep Singh is a self proclaimed “programming nerd” and can trace his interests back to early high school days. In 2019 Randeep obtained a diploma in computer studies and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Technology at BCIT as a part time student. Randeep’s aim is to gain as much knowledge as possible to better support his dream of becoming a Data Scientist.

Randeep shared his favorite course of the program:

“Networking module is by far the most interesting module for me. It acts like a bridge between software and hardware. Being a Full Stack Developer, I was really engrossed into networking techniques behind the scene. Today, I find myself fortunate to work as an IT Network Assistant, limiting issues of hardware integration with software with the help of knowledgeable program like Get Into IT program.”

His strong desire to acquire new knowledge and pursue continuing education will surely lead Randeep to his ideal position of data scientist.

Should you want to connect with Randeep you can email him!