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Meet our Get Into IT Students of the Month – Joshua & MJ!

November 5, 2021

Our Get Into IT Program has officially launched, and we love the opportunity to profile up-and-coming tech talent! This month we are celebrating Joshua Levy, and Mehul Jagawat (MJ) as our students of the month, so if you’re potentially looking for a new hire, keep reading to learn a little more about them.   

Joshua grew up in rural Nova Scotia and identifies as being a part of the autism community. From a young age, Joshua’s interest has always been sparked by computer systems. When most 10 year olds would be seen playing with toys during their play time, Joshua would regularly borrow BASIC programming manuals from the Bookmobile in an attempt to teach himself software development. Fast forward a couple decades, Joshua is still enthusiastic about computer systems, while always striving to be the best father for his two wonderful daughters. Joshua is also involved with his local church and enjoys camping, tabletop RPGs, and reading. 

As a participant in our cybersecurity stream, the Get Into IT program has excelled not only his expertise, but his interest too! 

“ The courses and live sessions have been interesting and engaging. I love that I am able to work away at the material at my own pace and on my schedule” 

– Joshua Levy 

Joshua notes that the Introduction to Cybersecurity Tools and Cyber Attacks course has been his most engaging thus far. The course has provided him with the background knowledge required to understand cybersecurity and be prepared for more advanced courses. 

A lifelong learner, Joshua’s engagement is ignited when he is faced with something new and exciting. Cybersecurity, by its very nature, is in a state of constant change and evolution. The role requires him to be open to new ideas and concepts while being able to apply critical thinking. The opportunity in the cybersecurity industry has been extremely appealing for Joshua and his career plans, as a profession with an increased demand, he hopes to one day achieve his dream position as cybersecurity engineer. We’re honoured to be able to be a part of his journey through the Get Into IT program.


Our other student of the month is Mehul Jagawat (MJ)!  MJ was born and raised in Mumbai, India and emigrated to Canada in 2012 to pursue his education. MJ’s education has blossomed throughout his 10 years of job experience, with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the University of Mumbai and a graduate certificate in Marketing Management from Fanshawe College in London, Ontario.

With technology advancing at such a quick pace, one of MJ’s top responsibilities has been to maintain his professional qualifications by continuing his education. Because of his eagerness to learn, he was an ideal candidate for the Get into IT program.  Mehul was drawn to the program because he believed it would assist him in gaining extensive knowledge of the IT industry and technological landscape.

“I knew the program would help me connect with tech industry professionals and subject matter experts to establish professional rapport, get hands-on experience, and also provide an opportunity to get connected with future employers and build a great career.” 

-Mehul Jagawat

MJ is currently working through the System Administration and IT Infrastructure course and has thoroughly enjoyed it thus far. He explained that the course provides a fascinating glimpse into software and platform services, DNS (Domain Name System), and DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) servers.

“The information and material covered in this program are comprehensive yet digestible. It is great to be able to learn at one’s own pace and review sections as necessary. This program is an insightful, well-delivered course. The modules are split into bitesize, manageable chunks while still offering a lot of important information that has educated me on Technical aspects.”

-Mehul Jagawat

As MJ progresses through his career, he continues to make time to pursue his other passions. These include spending time outdoors, hiking, yoga, playing ping pong, discovering new restaurants with friends, and going through family cookbook recipes. 

Designed to support learners who have traditionally faced barriers entering the tech sector, Digital Nova Scotia’s Get Into IT program provides participants with in-demand digital and professional skills training at no cost. Through this program, learners from underrepresented communities are invited to become active members of the province’s tech sector. 

Interested in meeting or working with Joshua Levy or Mehul Jagawat? Connect with them on LinkedIn! 

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