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Meet Our February Get Into IT Students of the Month!

March 18, 2022

We are proud to introduce our first Get Into IT Student of the Month for February, Brittany Poirier!

Born in Toronto but having spent the last 14 years living in Nova Scotia, Brittany has worked a variety of jobs from retail, to sales, and most recently in the kitchen at a nursing home. Feeling the need for a career change, Brittany applied and was accepted into the IT Support program in which she found success immediately. Brittany was lucky to have had two great study partners throughout the program in her two cats, Ruby and Hazel. 

My family and friends had always suggested I proceed with a career in tech and then I found this program. In a way it felt a bit like fate. I didn’t quite know what to expect but I am very thankful for this course.” – Brittany Poirier

Brittany was interested in the entire program, but if she had to pick one topic, she pointed to learning about hardware as she felt as though it sparked her interest in technology even further. Brittany’s favorite course in the IT Support program was the first course covering fundamentals, and she feels very grateful for the insight it gave her into how computers work. 

When asked about her dream job, Brittany was unsure. She does, however, feel that the program gave her the push she  needed to explore more in the IT field. In the future, Brittany would love to use the skills she learned to work for a smaller company because she loves a tight-knit work group and the sense of family that comes with it. 

“I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to even just explore IT. It really gave me the foundation I needed to start exploring and feeling more confident in the skills I already possessed.” – Brittany Poirier

Congratulations to Brittany for being selected as a Get Into IT Student of the Month! If you wish to connect with Brittany, she can be reached via LinkedIn or email


Our second Student of the Month, Tiffany Boudreau, is an aspiring Cybersecurity professional from Bedford, Nova Scotia. A mother to her almost ten year old, Tiffany has worked most of her life in retail and as a CCA. She always had an interest in the tech sector, but never felt confident enough to follow through until she came across the Cybersecurity Analyst program and jumped at the opportunity. 

Tiffany is analytical by nature and enjoys acting as a detective of sorts. She found the Cybersecurity Analyst program to be a great fit as she could employ her analytical skills to figure out how things work, how things are connected, and how to solve problems. She is extremely appreciative of the support of her TA, her mentors, and her classmates throughout the program. 

“After being out of school for over 15 years, it felt intimidating to step back into the role of student but this program really helps build not only your skills but your confidence in those skills.” – Tiffany Boudreau

Tiffany’s favorite part of the program was the Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence course and learning how the collection, storing and analysis of data impacts IT security. Tiffany found the entire program to be quite eye-opening, and noted that her participation sparked an interest that will take her far beyond the course materials. In terms of a dream job, Tiffany would love to work as either a pen tester or an ethical hacker to help companies in their fight against bad actors. 

When she is not doing cybersecurity, Tiffany loves to read and travel, her favorite author and destination being Stephen King and Disney World respectively. 

“I would describe Get Into IT as an overall positive and great learning experience. Thank you so much for the opportunity to widen my horizon and learn new skills.” – Tiffany Boudreau

Congratulations to Tiffany for being selected as a Get Into IT Student of the Month! If you wish to connect with Tiffany, she can be reached via email