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Meet Our April Get Into IT Students of the Month!

May 5, 2022

Please give a round of applause to our first Get Into It student of the month for April, Nathalie Haidar Ahmad!

Lebanese Canadian and a proud mother of three, Nathalie has acquired an extensive background before deciding to get into the tech industry. Holding a bachelor’s in social science and currently working as a Community Outreach Worker, Nathalie decided to change her career path after seeing how much more demand there is for a Tech position and because she has always had an interest in the technology sector.

Nathalie was more than happy to share her experience with the Get Into It program saying that it provides you with the demanding skills for the sectors and that you would be finishing well prepared for the real world.

“l like the mix of learning in our own pace, the live lectures and professional development workshops. The staff are so helpful, the mentors are amazing, all the resources and course materials are organized in a very simple clear way to reach and learn.” – Nathalie Haidar Ahmad

Nathalie says she has enjoyed the entire program, her favorite course so far is the Hardware course as it’s the newest to her and interests her the most. With dedication, she will surely achieve her goal of becoming an IT Specialist.

“Get into IT is a great experience overall and I strongly recommend it for anyone who is interested in the tech sector.” – Nathalie Haidar Ahmad

Congratulations to Nathalie for being selected as a Get Into IT Student of the Month! If you wish to connect with Nathalie, she can be reached via email

With the same recognition, we want to congratulate our second student of the month, Tao He!

Tao has an advanced diploma in embedded programming and a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and has a deep interest in Cyber Security which has driven him to join his Cyber Security Program.

When sharing his experience with the Get Into It Program, Tao mentioned that he has gained a lot of helpful skills that will be useful in his future job search and professional development.

“Get Into IT provides a plenty of course content and various support, which not only the include the knowledge and skills IT related, but also deliver the information of job seeking, communication, etc.” – Tao He

When asked what he thinks of his courses so far, he mentioned that he is in the early stages of his program but the Introduction to Cybersecurity Tools & Cyber Attacks course was of great interest. Tao expresses that the reasons he decided to go into cyber security are that is a career with great challenges and difficulties as well as is one of the hottest sectors today. With no doubt, we believe that Tao will reach his goal of becoming a cybersecurity expert.

“The Cybersecurity Analyst program has greatly expanded my knowledge and honed my skills. I really enjoyed the courses and appreciate it Digital Nova Scotia provides me this opportunity!” – Tao He

Congratulations to Tao for being selected as a Get Into IT Student of the Month! If you wish to connect with Tao, he can be reached via LinkedIn or email!