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Maritime Momentum: World Wide Websites Expands Horizons in Nova Scotia

December 4, 2023

In just over two years, World Wide Websites is evolving from a startup into an established Small to Medium Enterprise (SME), leaving its mark on the Atlantic coast, one client at a time. 

World Wide Websites is a Prince Edward Island-based website development firm with a mission to develop modern and eye-catching websites. Its President, Spencer Gallant, is eager to expand its offerings throughout the Maritimes. 

“We’re looking at going to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick first, but with the type of service that we offer, we can really service anyone in the world,” said Gallant.

In this digital age, geographical boundaries are virtually non-existent, so reaching anyone is possible. With clients as far as California and Ontario, World Wide Websites is excited for the opportunities ahead, especially when it comes to emerging technological trends.

“With the platform we use, we can visually make code. We’re able to build things and iterate a lot faster,” said Gallant. “I think even as we see what AI brings to the space, there could be a lot of changes coming up pretty soon.”

When it comes to new website design trends, Gallant highlights the popularity of minimalist, clean, colourful aesthetics with dynamic movement. 

“One of the big things that we do is we want to make websites very strategically, so we’re not trying to cram every last little bit of information into the site and we’re not trying to make a complicated maze for people to navigate,” he said, adding they always prioritize accessibility when designing sites by adhering to best practices. 

“You can have the best looking website, but if a person isn’t able to use it then it doesn’t really matter what it looks like or what it does because it’s blocked off from them,” said Gallant.

Looking ahead, World Wide Websites is excited for further growth in the Atlantic region, an expanding clientele and continuous improvement.

“One of our big internal focuses is just on systematizing and we’re making the transition from being a startup to being an established small business,” he said.

Other than his high-quality websites, Gallant is also leaving his mark in Atlantic Canada through his commitment to mentoring and sharing insights with Skills for Hire Atlantic students and graduates. As a Program Champion through Digital Nova Scotia, Gallant said he is keen to use his array of perspectives to mentor and share his knowledge and startup journey experience with students.

To learn more about World Wide Websites, make sure to visit their website