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Making Home Security More Proactive with HomeEXCEPT

An award-winning technology company primarily focused on privacy-first monitoring solutions for aging in place, HomeEXCEPT‘s system measures engagement with objects related to activities of daily living and uses machine learning to identify EXCEPTions in routines so that caregivers can be more aware, proactive, and enjoy greater peace of mind.

The HomeEXCEPT system is 100% anonymous and does not use cameras or microphones for monitoring. Instead, ambient environmental sensors (tags) identify movement, temperature, and humidity at assigned locations throughout the space. Data is shared with subscribers (caregivers, members of the circle of care) through an easy-to-navigate mobile app.

Offering Engaged and Proactive Home Security Solutions

The HomeEXCEPT team has worked hard to create a solution that moves monitoring into a more proactive space. They are prevention first and detection second. HomeEXCEPT encourages engagement – helping families understand routines and changes in the home so they have the information needed to offer the right kinds of support to minimize risk in the home. The system requires no action on the part of the person being monitored, they simply go about their day while the tags collect information. Subscribers can customize their monitoring experience easily – each tag can be assigned to whichever objects in the home are most meaningful to the family. Families are encouraged to consider the lifestyle of the person they are supporting so that information relates to routine activities.

HomeEXCEPT also partners with professionals in eldercare consulting and geriatric care management as well as senior living communities.

Keeping Family Members Safe

Anyone who is supporting a family member to live independently would benefit from the HomeEXCEPT monitoring system. It’s a tool for better awareness and collaboration of care – the reality is that we are often not aware of routines in the home and by gaining a better understanding of these activities and how they are changing, we can work to avoid more invasive and costly interventions that often challenge our aging loved ones. The HomeEXCEPT team wants to empower families with the information needed to support ongoing wellness, independence, and improved quality of life.

In a typical home environment, you may see a tag on a bed, a fridge or stove, a favourite chair, a medicine cupboard, and perhaps a walker or assisted device. You can also tag things like a coffee maker or hobby bag, or anything that would be engaged with and used on a regular basis. Subscribers can personalize the system even further by enabling specific notifications to let them know when certain activities do or do not happen or when certain environmental thresholds are met (like when the stove reaches a certain temperature). The HomeEXCEPT system is focused on understanding regular behaviour to allow peace of mind that the day’s activities progress normally. As time goes on, the system learns the regular cadence of activity, automatically notifying the circle of care of EXCEPTions to normal expected patterns – that’s where HomeEXCEPT gets its name.

Encouraging Senior Engagement with Technology

The HomeEXCEPT team have been mostly remote, so in terms of their operations, Covid-19 has not changed how they approach their work. For many of their partners, however, it’s been a big shift. They’re embracing technology like never before. Meetings that were once face-to-face are now online. When working in senior care, it takes a conscious effort to maintain the level of personal connection required to meet client needs.

What’s amazing is that the pandemic has opened the door for many older adults to embrace the positive change that technology innovation is driving. More seniors are online than ever before! So while we certainly wish we could say a firm “so long” to Covid, it’s proving to be an accelerator in an industry that can really benefit from the impact of technology.

– Jennifer McLeod, Director of Customer Success at HomeEXCEPT

The past year has been a challenge for senior living as many of their clients have had to face a significant shifts in operations and their approach to care. As new processes are being adopted and they’re gaining more confidence in their new protocols, leaders in the space are finally coming up for air. HomeEXCEPT has already seen a significant upturn in interest and engagement from communities as they look ahead and embrace more prevention-based care. 2021 is shaping up to be an exciting year for anyone working in innovation, particularly for those focused on improving the lives of older adults.

Focused on Family

Everyone wants to work where they feel valued and that they are making an impact. The HomeEXCEPT team is proud to have a great group of team members who play off each other’s strengths and support each other to grow and evolve. They are at the place in their career where it’s far beyond wanting a “good job” – it’s about doing great work and creating positive change where it’s really needed. HomeEXCEPT has a lot of heart and it helps them feel like a family – and when working to support families and caregivers, that intention goes a long way in helping their clients and partners feel cared for. They’re connected to a mission that’s bigger than any of them individually and they come to work each day excited to take what they’ve built and make it even better.

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