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Local agency with global travel clientele sees NSCC Summer Internship Program soar

July 14, 2023

Hiring students allows companies to stay innovative, adaptable, and resilient – all important qualities in the rapidly evolving technology field. That’s why VERB Interactive partnered with Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) to onboard a team of 12 students this summer.

“With our global client list and services expanding, we are excited to have students on board to support us and bring fresh ideas and insights to the table,” said Emily Peterson, the company’s Human Resources Manager.

VERB is a full-service digital marketing agency that provides inspired marketing for the best travel experiences. The team works with hotels, resorts, cruise ships, and destinations around the world. Peterson said students bring value to the company in many ways, such as providing access to their creativity, knowledge and skills. Interns at VERB have joined a variety of teams, including web development, analytics, performance media, content, design, HR, finance and project delivery.

“Responsibilities can range in scope from coding HTML, to designing social media assets, to recruiting and reviewing candidate resumes,” she said.

VERB maintains strong relationships with NSCC instructors and staff members, and also meets with students at the NSCC IT Job Fair every year. Peterson said they choose to partner with the school because their programs teach students relevant material.

“Students bring unique perspectives in their subject matter of interest, but we also always welcome a fresh and unbiased set of eyes on our onboarding, training, and internal processes so that we can constantly improve for future new hires,” said Peterson.

Within the first week on the job, students are introduced to VERB’s owner and CEO, along with other leaders and team members throughout the organization. 

“In previous years, students have really enjoyed this aspect of their onboarding as it provides them an opportunity to make great connections with leadership and subject matter experts, as well as with other students joining the team,” said Peterson.

Not only do students provide mentorship opportunities for current employees and help in addressing short-term workflow pressures, Peterson said they bring value from a recruitment perspective as well. At VERB, they believe strongly in growth and advancement for their interns, which often means they stay on full time. 

“When interns are showing initiative to grow their career and are open about their interests, we will support them on a path that keeps them excited and engaged,” said Peterson.

That could mean moving vertically on their team, laterally to another team, or even creating a new unique role that suits their skillset, she said.

“Hiring passionate students from diverse backgrounds ensures that we’re maintaining a well-rounded team with different perspectives and experiences. This diversity of thought allows us to stay innovative, makes us more adaptable, and resilient – which are very important qualities in the rapidly evolving technology field.”

If you’re interested in working at VERB, you can browse their current career opportunities here.