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LeaseFriendly: Revolutionizing the Rental Experience in Canada

February 8, 2024

LeaseFriendly proudly embraces the mission of fostering stronger relationships between landlords and tenants through its new property technology solution, launching in March 2024

This concept emerged nine months ago through the collaboration of three forward-thinking co-founders, Elio, Elsy, and Mary Ellen Makhlouf, in a basement-turned makeshift office. Since then, LeaseFriendly has expanded into a dynamic team working together on a shared mission,  featuring individuals with diverse backgrounds in real estate, engineering, technology, and marketing. 

Despite the variety of expertise within the team, they all have come together with a shared common goal of making renting more accessible and less stressful. This commitment is set to revolutionize the rental experience for Canadians. 

LeaseFriendly is not just a platform, it’s your sidekick in the realm of rentals. Serving as an operating system for both landlords and tenants, the platform is designed with the Nova Scotia Tenancies Act integrated into its functionality. This helps users better understand the Act, enhancing transparency and trust in the rental relationships. 

Whether finding a rental, handling landlord/tenant payments, submitting notices, or addressing maintenance requests, LeaseFriendly provides essential tools while fostering clear and transparent communication within the rental ecosystem.

 “At the heart of this vision is a user-friendly platform designed to simplify the rental process for both tenants and landlords” says Elio Makhlouf, Co-Founder and CEO of LeaseFriendly “Ultimately, LeaseFriendly is striving to create an environment where renting can be a more rewarding experience for everyone”

As the launch approaches, anticipation is building. Fueled by a bold vision, the team once confined to a basement, is now on the edge of turning their dream into a tangible reality. LeaseFriendly is ready to bring positive change to the rental landscape in Canada. 

As Elio Makhlouf reflects on the upcoming launch, he mentions that “the team’s journey symbolizes not just business growth, but a profound dedication to innovation in the rental housing sector”

In preparation for the launch, LeaseFriendly’s team has actively been meeting with landlords, tenants, representatives, government, and more. “The more we speak to our community, the more we can innovate to solve real problems that are faced on a daily basis in the rental industry” says Elio.

LeaseFriendly understands the struggles of the rental world firsthand. Born from personal experiences of navigating the opaque renting processes, Leasefriendly’s team is committed to addressing province-wide challenges through advanced technology. 

LeaseFriendly invites you to be a part of their journey by visiting their website to become an Early Adopter and receive first access to the platform and additional perks.