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Jonas Software Solutions: Through The Eyes of Our Intern

Sidney Corrigan is a well-rounded student with an adventurous spirit! Originally from PEI, Sidney completed her BBA specializing in Marketing at UPEI, played on the university rugby team, and studied abroad in Ireland for a semester. Now, back in the Atlantic provinces, Sidney brings her adventurous outlook and can-do attitude to opportunities that come her way – and her internship at Jonas Software Solutions is no exception!

When looking to write a feature on Jonas Software, the team brought in Sidney to share her experiences and showcase what makes Jonas Software stand out from the crowd.


Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Sidney: I am currently completing the Corporate Residency MBA program at Dalhousie University. I fell in love with the versatility of Dalhousie’s program – with reduced class sizes, the opportunity to create connections, and the ability to gain real-life experience outside the classroom. It’s through their program that I am now interning with Jonas Software Solutions.

What is Jonas Software all about?

Sidney: Jonas Software consists of a multitude of moving parts, they acquire, manage and build software companies in a variety of industries. When applying to work for Jonas Software you are applying for the opportunity to work directly with a small tech company, while getting the benefits and perks of working for a large corporation. That is one of the aspects that drew me toward working for Jonas Software Solutions as a part of the Recruitment and Marketing team.

Jonas Software employs over 2,500 team members working in 95+ software companies worldwide, and within that umbrella company, Jonas Software Solutions is home to a diverse workforce of developers, analysts, designers, database administrators and more across North America. Our team consists of all levels of experience, and we are always looking for new talent to join us.

What is day-to-day life like at Jonas?

Sidney: Life at Jonas Software is different every day, my role is highly versatile and with each project, I am expanding my marketing skillset. I am really lucky to have the opportunity to work alongside a variety of projects to help grow the company’s presence in Halifax and throughout Nova Scotia.

Each day I get to meet new people and learn from their experiences in their respective roles. To date, this has been my most cherished experience with Jonas Software Solutions, the network of individuals I have met opened my eyes to all the possible trajectories that my career can take on. I love Jonas Software’s culture – the warm welcome I received from all of my coworkers has made the transition from student to professional seamless and enjoyable.

What aspects drew you to work at Jonas?

Sidney: The fact that I have the opportunity to work for a large company while also receiving hands-on experience working directly with a start-up based in Halifax, provides the best of both worlds. I am excited I get the chance to help build something from the ground up and help implement fresh new ideas to elevate the company’s growth.

Jonas Software is rapidly growing, following along their journey on social media gives you an insight into how fast and efficiently acquisitions and mergers take place in their company. Currently, as a company, they are a team of over 2,500 individuals and expanding every day. Jonas offers flexibility with their work environment; each employee has the opportunity to either work from home or from their brand new office space in Halifax.

Jonas Software Solutions is currently growing its Halifax team. They are always looking to add developers, analysts and web designers to their team no matter what level of experience. To learn more about what opportunities are available, check out their website at Find out more about how you can join the Jonas team, create long-lasting relationships and gain excellent work experience just like Sidney.